Frank Chimienti (Rental)-Attack Mentality Versus The Run Using The 4-4 Defense $16.99
Features & Benefits Make tackles in the backfield and get off the ball More explosive athletes You can use a variety escapes to get rid of blockers Frank Chimienti C.W. C.W. Frank Chimienti believes "linebackers make tackles but linemen make tackles to prevent losses." Aggressive players should be taught and practiced in football practice. Chimienti explains the drills and techniques he uses at C.W. To instill an "Attack Mentality" It is important to crowd the ball in order to be successful with attack mentality football. Defensive linemen will be able to play on the opposite side of the line if they have a good stance. Chimienti can teach both the left-handed and right-handed stances. The reach drill, defense on defense drill, tag drill, get off drill, shoot drill, defense drill and defense drill are some of the drills that Chimienti demonstrates. These drills use explosiveness to aid players in getting off the line faster and getting to the ball. These drills can be executed well and include escapes like pulling the gate open, opening it, getting underneath it, and ripping off. Chimienti also provides visual and pressure keys to each defensive lineman. This presentation on run progression is strengthened by the use of game videotape and practice. Chimienti carefully explains each block and technique to give you valuable information for teaching your defensive linemen. 53 minutes. 2006.