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Richard Bell (Rental)-The Air Force 3-3 Stack Defense: Defensive Line $16.99
Features & Benefits Get better at Football coaching Learn from Ron Burton, Richard Bell and many more Your team can reach new heights! To be the best, learn from the best. Richard Bell Air Force Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers Coach Ron Burton Former Air Force Defensive Coach Introduction with Fisher DeBerry (ex-Air Force Head Football Coach) Bell and Burton coach each other to provide an insider's look at their defense 3-3 stack defense. They give an in-depth overview of the defensive strategies they employ against different offensive formations, including two-back and one-back sets. They provide information on the alignments and responsibilities of each position, as well as gap assignments for linebacker and linebacker readings. Bell and Burton share their run and pass blitz programs, which can be used against many offensive formations. These defensive coaches are able to show you the way through game footage and marker board diagrams. 58 minutes. 2005.