Speed Jump Rope for Crossfit & Athletes

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Speed Ropes for Crossfit

Over the last decade, Crossfit has taken the fitness world by storm. Whether you have just entered into the WOD (workout of the day) world or you’re a Crossfit pro, there is one piece of equipment that is an absolute must – a jump rope.

The “double under” is a standard in Crossfit workouts and having a great speed rope helps. The double under is exactly what it sounds like. The rope swings under the jumper’s feet two times on one jump. Executing the double under is a bit more difficult than just “jumping rope” and having the right equipment can enhance an athlete’s double under performance.

What to Look for in a Crossfit Jump Rope

Jumping rope is an extremely effective exercise that is used in a variety of sports, not just Crossfit. Training with a jump rope can improve balance, speed, agility, endurance, and more. It is an awesome cardio workout and is great for the legs.

Crossfitters looking to improve their double under performance and even those starting out with single jumps need to find the right speed rope. It can make all the difference. There are four keys when searching for the right product.

Jump Rope Length

There are actually two things to consider about the length of the rope – static length and dynamic length. The static length of the rope is how long it is when not being used. Dynamic length is the length the rope covers when in use and is more dependent upon one’s body type and size. When choosing a Crossfit speed jump rope, focus on the static length.

Taller people, of course, will need a longer rope. There is a method for picking the ideal length which we will address later in this article.

Weight of Jump Rope

After length, the second key to look for in choosing a jump rope is weight. Thicker, heavier ropes move more slowly and allow more control. This is ideal for someone who is new to Crossfit and to double under.

For Crossfit athletes that can do roughly 50 double unders, a mid-weight rope is ideal. A rope measuring 3mm in diameter is perfect. For advanced athletes that can do 100-plus double unders, an even thinner, lighter rope is best. These speed ropes measure less than 2mm in diameter and are extremely light and fast.

Material of a Speed Rope

The third thing to address when searching for the right speed rope is the rope material. Ropes are made from a number of different materials. These include plastic, rubber, vinyl cord, nylon, leather, traditional rope, and beaded ropes with plastic sheaths. There are also steel cable types of jump rope.

When assessing the material, athletes should consider their overall size and body type as well as what the rope will be used for in their training. Vinyl plastic and rubber are common and are used by beginners all the way through advanced athletes. Traditional rope and leather tend to wear out faster than other materials. Metal ropes are incredibly fast and should be used by more advanced jumpers.

Jump Rope Handle

The final factor to consider in selecting a speed rope is the handle. Most jump ropes will have a plastic handle. Traditional ropes tend to have wooden handles. Regardless of whether one chooses plastic or wood, the bigger thing to look at is the way the handle connects to the rope.

Some beginner ropes have the cable fitted right into the handle. This direct connection is great for a beginner learning to do the different jumps, including double unders. As the beginner gets faster, the handle will start to wear away at the rope.

For Crossfit, the best choice is a rope with ball-bearing weighted handles. The rope rotates freely, which increases speed and reduces wear and tear. The ball bearings distribute the weight of the rope evenly which allows for much smoother movement. Jumping is easier and more efficient with this type of handle.

Measuring Your Crossfit Jump Rope

Using a jump rope that is too short will cause difficulty in jumping and passing the rope under your feet. A rope that is too long can end up giving you welts. Take the time to properly size your speed rope. Here’s how.

Sizing up your jump rope is easy and can be done in a minute or two. Stand in the middle of the rope and then pull the handles up to each armpit. Keep the handles as even as possible on both sides. 

The optimal length puts the handles at your armpits or slightly higher. A handle that comes up to the shoulders is too long. Likewise, handles that do not reach the armpits mean the rope is too small. The ideal length is where the cable meets the handle to be right at your armpit.

Best Jump Ropes for Crossfit

Since the double under is such a big part of Crossfit training, the best jump ropes are those that allow for the efficient execution of the exercise. Lightweight is normally better. As an athlete gets better at the double under, the limiting factor will not be leg stamina. It will be fatigue in the shoulders, forearms, and hands.

Steel cable ropes, preferably coated with nylon, are durable and much faster than others. The double under requires speed and steel cable provides that.

Athletes also want ropes that are adjustable. As you improve the double under technique, you can adjust the length – usually shorter – of the rope. Handles that allow for easy size adjustments are a must for a good-quality Crossfit rope.

Finally, athletes need ropes that are durable. The rope needs to be able to withstand some punishment. It is going to get thrown on the ground and placed into storage areas with other equipment. One of the biggest differences between speed ropes on the market is durability.

The SUPERROPE - The Fastest Rope on Earth

The Superope is one of the leading ropes on the market. It can be used by beginners, intermediate, and advanced athletes to work on their cardiovascular fitness. The rope is designed to help athletes improve their quickness, speed, and footwork. It’s an outstanding product for not only Crossfit athletes, but basketball players and other athletes as well.

The Superope has all the features of a top-notch Crossfit speed rope. It is lightweight with a stainless steel cable. The plastic handles use weighted ball bearings allowing athletes to spin the rope quickly. The aerodynamic design is capable of reaching speeds of up to 300 rpm. The Superrope is one of the fastest, easiest to use, and most durable speed ropes on the market.

Finding Your Ultimate Crossfit Speed Jump Rope

All of the jump ropes mentioned above offer great benefits. Be sure to consider your needs, goals, and the extent of your exercise or fitness program. Some jump ropes are built entirely for speed, but speed might not be the answer for you.

In the end, consider the length, weight, handles, and material from which the rope is made. Make sure whatever rope you choose– the Superope or any other – meets your preferences. Once you find the perfect one, take your training to the next level.

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