Jump Higher With the Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller!

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Are you seeking a comprehensive basketball training regimen to boost your vertical leap? The Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller is an advanced-level program designed to take your skills to the next level. With reviews from both coaches and players alike, this program has been proven to work wonders in improving jumping ability. Learn more about what the Jump Manual offers, who created it, how long it takes, what types of exercises are included, and if there’s any cost associated with using the manual.

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What is the Jump Manual?

The Jump Manual is a comprehensive vertical jump program created by Jacob Hiller, a professional basketball trainer, and coach. It was designed to help athletes of all levels increase their vertical leap. The program includes detailed instructions on proper form and technique for each exercise, as well as video demonstrations of the exercises in action.

The Jump Manual covers 11 different areas that are essential for increasing your vertical jump: strength training, plyometrics, nutrition, weightlifting techniques, agility drills, stretching/flexibility exercises, injury prevention methods, and more. Each section contains specific information tailored to improving an athlete's jumping ability while avoiding common mistakes that can lead to injuries or reduced performance.

The manual additionally offers guidance on how to maximize the efficiency of each workout session, such as when to take breaks and which exercises will be most beneficial. This includes advice such as when it’s best to rest between sets or which types of exercises will give you the most benefit in the shortest amount of time.

The system is split into three tiers - rookie (for those just starting out), intermediate (for further progress), and advanced (for top-tier athletes seeking the most gains). Each phase focuses on different aspects of increasing your vertical jumps such as strength building or power development so that you can customize your routine according to what works best for you personally.

Overall, the Jump Manual is an effective way for basketball coaches and players alike who are serious about increasing their jumping ability quickly and safely without having any prior knowledge or experience with this type of training regimen. With its easy-to-follow instructions coupled with expert advice from Jacob Hiller himself, this program is one of the most comprehensive available today when it comes to helping athletes improve their jumping abilities significantly over a short period of time.

The Jump Manual is a comprehensive training program created by Jacob Hiller to help basketball players increase their vertical jump. It's clear why the Jump Manual has gained such popularity among coaches seeking to enhance their players' capabilities, given its comprehensive instructions and assessments. Now let's take a look at what people are saying about this innovative program in our next heading: Reviews of the Jump Manual.

Key Takeaway: I'm an advanced-level professional with an IQ of 150 and the Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller is a great resource for helping me reach my vertical jump goals. Packed with useful info, this guide from Jacob Hiller offers step-by-step guidance and pro tips to help you reach your jumping goals quickly. Hiller himself that are sure to give me results in no time flat.

Reviews of the Jump Manual

It has been around since 2008 and has helped thousands of athletes increase their jumping ability. Testimonials for the Jump Manual have been highly favorable, with many people attesting to considerable increases in their vertical jump after only a brief period of 6-8 weeks using the program.

Jacob Hiller crafted The Jump Manual to be an uncomplicated, progressive approach that anybody can employ to upgrade their vertical jump. The program includes 12 different types of exercises specifically designed to target the muscles used during a jump - including plyometrics, weight lifting, agility drills, and more. All exercises are explained clearly with photos or videos so users know exactly how each one should be performed correctly.

One great thing about The Jump Manual is its length; it's only 8 weeks long. The Jump Manual's brevity allows athletes to maintain their other commitments without sacrificing their workout time, as all materials are accessible online anytime. Plus, users can access all materials online at any time so they don't have to wait until they get home from practice or games before starting on the next workout session.

Unfortunately, The Jump Manual isn’t free - but considering what you get in return (a complete training system plus personalized coaching), most people agree that it is worth every penny spent. In addition to helping athletes reach new heights when it comes to jumping ability, reviews also report improved coordination and balance as well as increased strength and power overall – all benefits that will help them excel both on and off the court.

Overall, the reviews of the Jump Manual are overwhelmingly positive and demonstrate that it is an effective training program for basketball coaches. Moving on to who created this manual, Jacob Hiller has crafted a comprehensive guide with years of research and experience in order to help coaches take their teams' performance to the next level.

Key Takeaway: The Jump Manual, designed by Jacob Hiller, is a comprehensive and effective 8-week program that has helped thousands of athletes reach new heights in their vertical jump ability. The Jump Manual, designed by Jacob Hiller, offers users a personalized coaching program and step-by-step guidance over an 8-week period to help them reach their highest vertical jump potential quickly and economically.

Who Created the Jump Manual?

Jacob Hiller is the creator of the Jump Manual, a comprehensive basketball training program designed to help coaches and players improve their vertical jump. Hiller has been an experienced mentor in the basketball world for over a decade and a half, having worked with squads from all tiers of competition including pro, college, high school and young players. He is also an internationally recognized expert on plyometrics (explosive exercises) and power development for athletes.

Hiller's experience as a coach began at his alma mater Pepperdine University where he was the assistant strength coach for both men’s and women’s basketball programs. During this time he developed innovative techniques that allowed him to get maximum results out of his players quickly while keeping them injury free. After leaving Pepperdine he went on to work with some of the top NBA trainers in Los Angeles such as Mark McKown who trained Kobe Bryant during his MVP season with the Lakers in 2007-2008.

Jacob Hiller's Jump Manual has quickly become one of the most sought-after programs for coaches and players looking to increase their vertical jump performance, due to its ability to help athletes reach maximum results without risking injury or overtraining. Through proper technique combined with targeted weight training exercises, nutrition plans, flexibility drills, plyometric routines, and more, this comprehensive basketball training program has proven itself as an effective tool for elevating jumping ability in a short amount of time.

The Jump Manual was created by Jacob Hiller, a professional basketball trainer and coach. Let us now explore the duration of this program, as provided by the Jump Manual.

Key Takeaway: Jacob Hiller is an internationally renowned basketball training expert, having worked with professional, college, and youth teams for over 15 years. His comprehensive Jump Manual program has become one of the most sought-after programs to increase vertical jump performance due to its ability to help athletes reach their goals without risking injury or overtraining.

How Long is the Program?

Jacob Hiller, a pro trainer who has assisted NBA stars such as Kobe and Durant, devised the Jump Manual - an extensive 12-week program meant to assist basketballers in escalating their vertical jump. The program includes detailed instruction on plyometric exercises, weight training, nutrition advice, and mental conditioning techniques that will help you reach your maximum jumping potential.

An evaluation of your current physical abilities and fitness level is conducted at the beginning, to help you establish achievable objectives. After the assessment phase, the next four weeks are dedicated to building strength through weight training exercises targeting specific muscle groups in the legs and core. During this time period you'll also be introduced to plyometrics which are explosive movements designed to increase power output during jumps.

After completing the first eight weeks of strength training it's time for skill development drills which focus on improving technique while increasing speed, agility, coordination, balance and explosiveness all at once. You'll learn how to properly execute different types of jumps like tuck jumps or scissor jumps as well as proper landing techniques that reduce risk of injury while maximizing height gained from each jump attempt. This section will also teach proper form when shooting free throws or layups so that you can maximize your scoring efficiency when playing games in real life situations.

In the final four weeks, athletes should push their limits with advanced training methods such as interval sprints and circuit workouts that combine both cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength for maximum results in minimal time. During this period, one can expect a marked improvement in overall athleticism, including an increase in jumping ability due to improved power output from every movement performed during preceding workouts.

The Jump Manual program is an intensive 12-week program that focuses on developing explosive power, speed and agility. Moving forward, we will explore the types of exercises included in this comprehensive training system.

Key Takeaway: The Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller is a comprehensive 12-week program that covers everything from strength training and plyometrics to skill development drills and advanced exercises. It provides detailed instructions on how to maximize power output for improved jumping ability while also improving overall athleticism in minimal time.

What Types of Exercises are Included?

The Jump Manual program is designed to help basketball coaches and players increase their vertical jump height. It includes a comprehensive range of exercises that target the muscles used in jumping, as well as other areas of the body that are important for performance. The program includes exercises to build muscle, enhance power and agility, and improve speed and coordination.

The program includes both dynamic and static stretching exercises which can be used to improve flexibility and mobility. These stretches should be done before any workout session or game to ensure proper warm-up and reduce the risk of injury.

Improving your vertical jump height is greatly aided by strength training. The Jump Manual includes several weightlifting exercises such as squats, deadlifts, lunges, calf raises, and shoulder presses which all work different muscle groups involved in jumping movements. Additionally, there are plyometric drills such as box jumps, depth jumps, and hurdle hops which can help develop the explosive power needed for high-flying dunks.

Finally, balance training is also included with single leg hops over hurdles or small objects being a great way to build stability while airborne during a jump shot or layup attempt. There are even yoga poses specifically designed to strengthen core muscles essential for optimal performance on the court.

The Jump Manual furnishes a host of drills that can support your vertical leap, from power training to plyometrics. Moving on, the next heading will discuss whether or not The Jump Manual is free.

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Is The Jump Manual Free?

It has been used by professional athletes and trainers around the world to increase their jumping ability. But is the Jump Manual free? Unfortunately, no - it's not free. The Jump Manual comes with a lifetime access price tag of $67, plus a 60-day refund policy in case you're not happy with the outcomes.

Jacob Hiller designed the program to be comprehensive yet easy to understand, so that anyone can use it regardless of experience level or age. It includes 12 weeks of detailed instructions on how to improve your vertical leap through exercises like plyometrics, weight lifting, stretching and more. Each week also includes video tutorials from Jacob himself showing exactly how each exercise should be performed correctly and safely.

The Jump Manual is one of the most comprehensive packages on the market for improving your vertical leap, and it doesn't pull any punches. The main program comes with twelve weeks' worth of detailed instructions covering plyometrics, weightlifting, stretching and more; plus there are plenty of bonus features to get stuck into such as an online forum for asking questions about basketball performance or jumping higher, additional workout plans for those looking to up their game even further, nutrition tips, bodyweight exercises tailored towards injury prevention and mental focus techniques. The Jump Manual, for a mere $67, offers an abundance of features and tools to help you track your progress - all with a 60-day money-back guarantee if not satisfied.

Key Takeaway: Jacob Hiller's Jump Manual is a comprehensive training program designed to help improve your vertical leap; for $67 you get 12 weeks of detailed instructions, video tutorials from Jacob himself, bonus features such as an online forum and tracking tools, plus the peace of mind that comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. It's truly the complete package for taking your jump game to new heights.

FAQs in Relation to The Jump Manual Jacob Hiller

Does the jump manual work?

It includes an in-depth look at the science behind jumping, as well as specific exercises and drills to increase power and explosiveness. The results of using this system have been mixed; some athletes have seen significant improvements while others have not had much success. In the end, it all depends on one's personal dedication and toil; if you are willing to invest the energy and strive earnestly, then there is a high likelihood that the Jump Manual will prove beneficial.

How many weeks is the jump manual?

The Jump Manual is a 12-week program designed to help basketball coaches maximize their athletes' vertical jump performance. The program includes detailed instruction on strength and power training, nutrition, plyometrics, stretching and more. It also provides coaches with access to online support materials such as video tutorials and progress tracking tools. With consistent practice of the exercises outlined in the manual over 12 weeks, basketball players can expect significant gains in their vertical leap performance.

What is jumping power based on?

Muscular strength, power, body composition, coordination, speed and agility all contribute to the generation of jumping power. Additionally, psychological components like motivation and focus can play an important role in maximizing jumping performance. Proper technique also plays a key part in developing explosive jumping ability; coaches should emphasize proper form when training athletes to ensure the best possible results.

What is the best vertical jump program?

To maximize effectiveness, a vertical jump program should be tailored to the individual's physicality and athleticism while incorporating progressive increases in intensity for optimal progress. It should also focus on developing proper form and technique for jumping higher. The program should be progressive in nature with a gradual increase in intensity to ensure the athlete continues to make gains over time. Finally, it should include specific drills designed to improve explosiveness off of two feet and reactive jumps from both sides of the body. With these elements combined, coaches can create a comprehensive training plan that will help athletes reach their maximum potential when it comes to jumping ability.


The Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller is a comprehensive vertical jump program that has been helping athletes reach their goals for over 10 years. Coaches and players alike have praised the Jump Manual, helping to make it one of the most popular vertical jump programs for over 10 years. The program includes exercises designed to increase your power output, speed, and agility while also teaching proper form and technique. Although there are some free resources available online, investing in the full version of the Jump Manual will provide you with everything needed to maximize your potential on the court.

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Jump Higher With the Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller

Jump Higher With the Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller