Full Court Dribbling Workout & Drills

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Full court basketball dribbling workout

A good full-court dribbling workout will help you improve your speed and ball-handling skills. Confidence is a big part of bringing the basketball down the court and this workout will help you not only improve your dribbling skills but your confidence will go up as well. Here is a great workout that you can do to help you improve your game.

How to Setup Your Full Court Dribbling Workouts

  • Set up 3 cones or chairs, or Big Cones as defenders on the court. Set the cones at the 3-point lines and the half-court line.
  • Work the right, left, and middle third of the court so you get used to dribbling in all areas of the court.
  • Make 4 trips up and down the court and then shoot 2 free throws with each move.

You can do more or fewer trips and add your own moves to the workout

Full Court Dribbling Drills

This workout consists of various dribble moves that focus on different aspects of dribbling in the full court.

Speed Dribbling

Start your dribbling workout with Speed dribble moves. You simply dribble up and down the court as fast as possible in as few dribbles as possible.

Crossover Drills

The second drill is called the Crossover Drill. This drill helps you work on your crossover dribble. To do this drill, start at the baseline and dribble the ball across the court. As you reach each cone, do a crossover dribble and then take a shot. Repeat this 4 times. Then shoot 2 free throws.

Between the Legs

The second drill is called the Between-the-Legs Drill. This drill helps you work on your between-the-legs dribble. To do this drill, start at the baseline and dribble the ball across the court making a between the legs dribble at each cone. Mixup your finishing moves at the basket. Mix in floaters, layups, pull up jumpers and pull up 3 point shots.

Hesitation Dribbling Drill

Dribble full speed to each cone and come to a complete stop. Pause and then explode to the next cone as fast as possible. This is a change of speed move to through your defender off balance. When you come to a stop keep the basketball outside your body near your hip. When you come to a stop the defense will relax and then you can hit them with a big change of speed to blow by them.

Retreat Same Hand Dribbling Drill

Upon coming to each cone now you will stop and take two retreat dribbles to create space for your defender. Turn your body so you are facing the sideline when doing the retreat dribble. You will keep the basketball in the same hand when retreating. You want to create as much space between you and the cone as possible. This gets you away from the defender and gives you time to make a read.

In a game, you may pass to an open teammate so it's important to have your chin on your shoulder when you retreat dribble so that you can see the entire floor. You may also get double-teamed so you want to see that happening and get the ball to an open teammate.

Retreat Same Change Hands Dribbling Drill

This is the same as above except now you are going to change direction by going between the legs or doing a crossover dribble. The reason we are changing hands now is to simulate the defender attacking you and your hand that the ball is in so we change direction to go past the defender.

Combination Moves

Now when you reach the cones work on making a combo move such as a crossover to a between the legs. Set the defender up one direction and go the other. You can create your own combo moves such as double crossovers, in and out to between, and anything that you can think of that works for you. Check out this Buddy Hield combo move.

Behind the Back

There are two different kinds of behind-the-back dribbling moves you can work on. The first one is a behind-the-back wrap. When performing the behind-the-back wrap you aren't changing speeds just direction. Perform the behind the back wrap by trying to stay in as straight of a line as possible - so don't angle the move wide or that will make you slower getting by your defender or they will catch up to you.

The next behind-the-back dribble move is a behind-the-back drop. This is where you come to a complete stop and do a crossover dribble behind your back. This move features a change of speed and direction and the basketball is well protected from the defender since the ball is behind your back. This is a tough move because most players don't get into a good body position in doing it.

In & Out Dribble Moves

The In & Out move is used to fake a crossover. Dribble to each cone, come to a complete stop, and perform the in and out move. This is a good move to use as part of your combination moves. For example, and In & Out to a Between the legs. The key to a good In & Out move is to move the ball big - so bring the ball all the way to the middle of your body to really sell the fake crossover.

Is It Better to do Full Court Dribbling Move or Stationary Drills?

If you had to choose one, choose on the move full court dribbling drills. Stationary dribbling helps you build a base of ball handling but in games you must actually move changing speeds and direction so full court dribbling is the best workout you will get. You will also greatly improve your conditioning while doing full court workouts. Time yourself to see how long it takes you and how much you improve over time.

Take It to the Next Level

If you have a partner, work on doing your dribble moves against a live defender to really test your skills out. If you don't have a gym you can practice in, practice on an outdoor court, or wherever you can get up and down working on your dribble moves.

If you have one hand that isn't as good as the other, do more reps with it. For example, if you are right-handed do more trips using your left hand to strengthen it.

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