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Dribble Up Basketball & App

The Dribble Up Basketball is a basketball dribbling training aid composed of a basketball and an app. The basketball has a special marking on it that allows the camera on your phone to track the ball and record your dribbling.

Dribble Up Basketball Overview

The Dribble Up Basketball and App allow you to do dribbling workouts with the Dribble Up Basketball which has an embedded optical tracker on it that is tracked by your phone's camera through the app.

The Dribble Up Basketball comes in the following sizes:

  • 29.5 Inch & Regulation weight
  • 28.5 Inch & Regulation weight

The Dribble Up Virtual Trainer guides you through various dribbling drills and then gives you a grade based on how well you did.

There is a speed meter on the app that tracks how fast you are dribbling. This measures the amount of dribbles you do in a certain amount of time. This is a good measure of how hard a player is dribbling and whether or not they are challenging themselves.

The Dribble Up Basketball also comes with a stand to hold your phone while training. The phone needs to be sitting on the ground to best track the basketball. There is also an optional stand for an additional $30 that you can choose if you want.

The Dribble Up Basketball does not require charging so the only thing you'll need to be charged is your phone.

It does not use Bluetooth so there are no worries there. Just the camera on your phone is all that is needed to work.

The Dribble Up program is WiFi optional so you don't have to have internet connectivity to train.

The Dribble Up training program can be used by any player at any level.

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Good Reviews of the Dribble Up Basketball

The top reviews on Amazon for the Dribble Up Basketball tend to follow these categories:

The Basketball – reviewers like the feel of the basketball and felt it was high quality.

The App – reviewers liked the app and that it motivated their kids to do the dribbling workouts. The app also gives each player a grade on their dribbling performance which was also motivating.

Reviews of the Dribble Up Basketball that are 3 Stars and up account for 70% of the reviews on Amazon.

“This ball is amazing. My son is 11 and has played for years but has only recently started really getting turned on to the game”

Amazon Reviewer

Bad Reviews of the Dribble Up Basketball

App Doesn’t Track Ball – This is a common theme in the 1 and 2-star reviews of the Dribble Up Basketball. Reviewers either couldn’t get the ball to track at all or it was hit-and-miss in knowing where the basketball was at.

App Crashing or Not Connecting – Other 1 and 2-star reviews stated that the app would crash mid-drill or they had trouble getting the ball to to connect to the app.

Weird-Shaped Basketball – Some reviewers stated the ball was odd-shaped or bounced funny.

Of all the reviews on Amazon about 30% of them are 1 and 2-star reviews. With so many different devices we can see how there could be some camera issues and many of these reviews date back to 2017 & 2018.

NBA Baller Beats vs. the Dribble Up Basketball

NBA Baller Beats is an Xbox 360 video game that is very similar to the Dribble Up Basketball in that you can work on stationary dribbling in your home. To use the NBA Baller Beats video game you must have:

  1. XBOX 360 or Xbox One
  2. Kinect Camera
  3. NBA Baller Beats Video Game
  4. Any Basketball

You can check eBay for NBA Baller Beats and the Kinect for Xbox 360 and probably pay about the same price as you will for the Dribble Up Basketball but you can use any basketball. NBA Baller Beats is very similar to the Dribble Up Basketball and App in that you are dribbling while a camera tracks your movements.

NBA Baller Beats is more video game-like along the likes of the Guitar Hero series. NBA Baller Beats also only can track one basketball so no two-ball dribbling drills with either of these. This is an older video game but something you might find on eBay or in a video game store.

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