Save Face— 3 Areas of Your Face You Should Keep Protected When Playing Basketball

Save Face— 3 Areas of Your Face You Should Keep Protected When Playing Basketball

It is not uncommon for basketball players to receive serious injuries to their faces while on the court. Basketball is a physical sport and players will at times find themselves on the wrong end of flying elbows and hands to the face. There are certain areas on your face that are more sensitive than others and should perhaps receive more specific protection.


Protective eyewear will not earn you any cool points while playing basketball but a quick look at a couple of stats will make you immediately aware of the need for added protection. First, sports cause more than 40,000 eye injuries every year. Second, basketball accounts for more eye injuries to male athletes than any other sport.

The majority of these issues can be avoided by wearing sports goggles. Individuals who also need prescription eyewear commonly wear sports glasses while on the court. However, contacts may be more comfortable to pair with goggles. If you decide to wear contacts over sports glasses, make sure you put your contacts in properly in order to avoid other issues. You do not want your contacts to fall out in the middle of game action.


The teeth and jawbone are especially vulnerable when basketball players are taking part in hotly contested action under the basket. Basketball causes more dental injuries than any other sport. However, most of these injuries are preventable through the use of a mouthguard. A mouthguard will also decrease the flexibility inside your mouth and jaw. This will help to protect the jaw from injury when you receive a blow to the face.


Anyone who has ever been hit in the nose will quickly tell you how sensitive this area of the face can be. Broken noses are fairly common injuries for basketball players. Many players with injuries to the nose continue to play the game they love while wearing a protective mask to protect the injured area of their face. However, it is important to remember these protective masks are equally effective as a precautionary measure and can be worn to prevent injuries to the nose before they occur.

There are areas of your face that are more prone to injury than others. This fact can be a serious concern when participating in a basketball game. You can protect your face from injury and better enjoy a game of basketball if you take measures to protect the three areas on your face discussed above.

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