Perform Your Best by Keeping Yourself Healthy This Basketball Season

Perform Your Best by Keeping Yourself Healthy This Basketball Season

Basketball season is around the corner. Are you prepared to bring your best performance to the court? Taking care of your body’s nutrition, practicing self-care and revolutionizing your training program will help you reach performance goals this year.

Keep Up on Hydration

Water intake directly impacts your performance on the court. When you’re dehydrated, blood doesn’t supply enough oxygen to muscles, leading to fatigue and injury. Drink water all day to stay hydrated, and especially make sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after workouts. However, too much water can be just as bad as too little. Don’t force it — just drink when you’re thirsty.

Eat Right

Junk foods don’t provide the same macronutrients as nutritious foods and drain your body’s energy. A nutrient-deficient diet lowers an athlete’s performance, so it’s important to get the right nutrients in order to do your best on the court. Protein-rich diets are especially good for muscle performance. Using a nutrition app can help you plan and track a healthy diet.

Allow Yourself to Rest

Recovery time allows your muscles and cardiovascular system to repair themselves. Take two rest days per week, and if you must exercise, choose low-intensity activities like yoga or walking. Rest is especially important after an injury. Pushing through the pain could worsen your injury and cause stress.

Get Enough Sleep

The more you exercise, the more you should sleep. Muscle repair and fat burning happen during deep sleep when growth hormones are released. Adults should sleep seven to nine hours per night, depending on individual needs. A healthy sleep schedule improves performance because your rested body can reach maximum output levels.

Listen to Music

Music offers inspiration that improves your athletic performance. High-tempo music will encourage you to work harder, and motivational tunes can improve your mood. Music that matches your workout speed can be especially invigorating. It's a great feeling when you reward yourself with some relaxing music during your cooldown.

Mix Up Your Training Routine

Doing the same drills and workouts repeatedly without change will limit performance. Vary your fitness training by including different strength, aerobic and cardio exercises. Challenge yourself by adding more weight resistance, trying new exercises and running longer distances.

If you want to excel on the basketball court this season, take a look at your self-care and fitness habits. By following some often forgotten but super easy steps, you could greatly improve your athletic abilities. Take good care of your body to start seeing more achievements on the court.

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