Benefits of Playing Different Sports at A Young Age

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If we try to analyze basketball from a purely athletic standpoint, the conclusion that we are going to get is that it just may be the most demanding sport that exists in today's world.

If we made this kind of claim then we will have to elaborate on it just to see why we think that basketball is the most demanding of them all:

1. The objective is just 2x bigger than the object. In other words, you can put 2 balls at the same time into the rim and it is a tight call. If we think about the other sports and take them into perspective, the football ball is a lot smaller than the touchdown or a goal, the soccer ball is much smaller than the goal, and the same stands for handball, and volleyball. Even table tennis has a better object/objective ratio.

2. Basketball is a highly crowded sport. The field/number of players ratio is saying to us that there is not much room to operate. Given the thought that we are talking about the biggest living people on the planet playing this sport, the conclusion is that basketball players do not have much room to operate.

3. Basketball players need all of their athletic abilities to be on a high level. We all know that with the body size comes bad coordination of the limbs because the nerve impulses travel a bigger distance and they need to control larger muscles. Development of athletic skills in basketball vise is a longer and harder process than with smaller human bodies. 

Good basketball players need to have fast feet, need to run a sprint a lot of times, have to jump high, have to be muscular in order to endure all of the contacts, and have to have soft hands and good eye-hand coordination. There is no other sport that demands it all.

As this is not an article that is going to glorify the basketball, rather we are going to talk about the benefits that a kid can have by playing multiple sports. Every sport is good and every sport is interesting in its own way. Here, as we are a basketball orientated sport, we are going to talk about the benefits that a basketball player can have by playing other sports.

1. Soccer - Footwork and Court Awareness

Basketball players are in need of good footwork. The better the footwork the better the movement on the floor the players will have. As the soccer demands a lot of ball handling with the feet the kids can benefit by playing this sport in a way that their feet are going to move better.

Some of the premier European Basketball Organizations are still playing football once or twice a week in their practices. The other benefit of playing soccer is conditioning and a change in the training process. As the kids are competitive and sometimes they just like a change, they are going to give them all to win.

The second good thing about soccer is that it teaches good court awareness. As there are 11 players on the team, many times there will be 3 players in front of the ball and a player guarding your teammate that you are willing to pass the ball. These situations are going to teach your kids how to scan the court better and how to adapt to situations where there are multiple defenders trying to overtake the ball.

2. Football - Athleticism and Operating with Contact

Football is a sport that demands a vast amount of physical contact. As that being said, that means that the players have to train their bodies just to be able to withstand the hits. Another thing that comes with preparing their bodies for bumping is the fact that they need to program their brains in order to be effective as possible while being hit.

Basketball too is a high-contact sport with the difference of instead of hitting people you have to push them a lot. The benefit that a basketball player can have from playing football is the fact that he is going to learn how to use straight-to-box-out people, fight screens, and finish all those and ones where they are flying towards the rim and somebody is trying to deny them with the foul.

It is not a matter of pure physical straight but it is more of a being prepared to be hit and still finish the play. Another thing that slips the radar when American football is concerned is the fact that there are many specialties inside a roster and that they are all highly dependable on each other and we can see how their coaches are emphasizing unity. Basketball, or should I say any team sport must look up to them and try to create an environment similar to theirs.

3. Swimming - Body Control and Muscle Development

The first sport that any child should train in is swimming. There is no other physical activity known to man that activates all of the muscles on our body, and not just activates it but makes them work in perfect harmony. Medical studies are telling us that children that practiced swimming at a young age have a more athletic body and a healthier spine complex in later years.

4. Volleyball - Jump Ability and the understanding of Covering the Space

As we all know all volleyball players can jump high, but they have the ability to time their jumps perfectly. Basketball players have to jump high but most of all they have to time their jump perfectly to maximize their effectiveness both on offense and more likely on defense. Getting a rebound is more of a "when" than it is "how high" you jump.

Another thing that Volleyball players are good at is covering space behind their men. Everybody on the team has its zone of responsibility and everybody has to do their job in order to cover the man in front.

A similar thing is in basketball. We have a man guarding the ball and we have others that are helping him. The better they are doing their job the better defense is functioning for your team.

If you want to go to that next level of basketball but you do not know how or where to look for the information then is where you need to be. We have everything: from offensive sets to defensive guides, from basic and fundamental stuff to advanced drills tips and whole training sessions. If you want all of this just click on the link below and get better at basketball NOW!

Benefits of Playing Different Sports at A Young Age

Benefits of Playing Different Sports at A Young Age

Benefits of Playing Different Sports at A Young Age

Benefits of Playing Different Sports at A Young Age

Benefits of Playing Different Sports at A Young Age