Game Footage Editing


Game Footage Editing

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Here's The Perfect Solution If You Want To Save Time Breaking Down Game Footage...and actually get your Players to Watch Game Footage


Don't have a lot of time during the season to breakdown game footage?  Don't have a clue on how to edit video? Don't have an army of assistant coaches or grad assistants? Wish you could get your players to watch the games you send them?

It's tough as a coach.  There's practice.  There's games.  There's road trips - and On and On and On.  

You know that watching game footage is crucial to finding where you need to improve exactly, showing players what they are doing well or poorly, and scouting opponents.

But where is the time to do this?

You get home late from practice or games, you have a family, you have other responsibilities in life, and adding video editing to the list just isn't something you are going to get done.

And this stops you from being the best coach you can be and it stops your team from being the best they can be.

Well, now you don't have to add it to your list of things to do and you don't have to miss out on making your team the best it can be.

We will edit a single game's footage into offensive and defensive clips for you.  Imagine watching a game's worth of offensive clips back to back, one right after the other.  No fast forwarding through substitutions, free throws, and other dead time in a game.  If you take an average 32 minute high school game typically the offensive clips will come out to less than 10 minutes.  Same with defense.

Now your players will actually watch the games.  

Instead of emailing them a link to a video where there is all that dead time in the game (where they get bored and drift off) - they will only get the good stuff!  We all know their attention spans aren't the longest in today's age so give them their games in a format and time frame they will actually watch.

You can upload the video to any service you like after we send it back. We like YouTube because what kid doesn't already watch YouTube and YouTube can be watched easily on any Smart TV.  Imagine your players watching the game footage on any device they have.  Taking a road trip?  They can even watch scout videos on the bus while heading to a game.



Here is an example of an entire game of one team's offensive possession and then the other team on defense.  Less than 6 minutes.


So here is how the process works:

1. You checkout on this page and make your order.

2. Upload your footage and give us a link to the video online.  You can use a DropBox, Google Drive, YouTube, or if you have another method where we can just download the video

3. Within 24 hours we will provide you 2 videos.  One of your Offensive possessions and one of your defensive possessions.

4. We will provide a temporary storage and a link for you to download the videos.

Our service is perfect for high school, junior high, and AAU teams.  There are no subscriptions or commitments.  Only pay for what games you actually want broken down.


If you have any questions please contact us.



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