Youth Football Offenses and Defenses featuring Coach Vern Friedli


Youth Football Offenses and Defenses featuring Coach Vern Friedli

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Transform Your Team with Proven Offensive and Defensive Plays

Introducing a comprehensive guide that embodies the essence of winning youth football strategies, presented by the legendary Coach Vern Friedli. With a focus on easy-to-teach and execute formations, this program is designed to elevate your team's performance to championship caliber. Discover the secrets behind the Solo Offense and the Base 52 Defense, meticulously demonstrated through on-field practices and chalkboard details.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from Coach Vern Friedli, with over 40 years of high school football coaching experience and more than 300 career wins.
  • Solo Offense: Master a base offense that's adaptable to any defense or game situation, ensuring your team is always at an advantage.
  • Base 52 Defense: Implement a proven defensive strategy with detailed instructions on position fundamentals, moves, stunts, and disguises.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From the basics to advanced techniques, every aspect is covered to help you build a formidable team.
  • Accessible Learning: Strategies are presented both through practical on-field demonstrations and theoretical chalkboard explanations.
  • Distinguished Pedigree: Benefit from the insights of a coach inducted into the National High School Athletic Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 2008.

Why Choose This Program?

Whether you're new to coaching or looking to refine your approach, this program offers invaluable insights that will set your team apart. Coach Friedli's legacy is not just in the wins but in the impact he's had on his players, many of whom have gone on to play at college and professional levels. By implementing these strategies, you're not just coaching for the season; you're building a foundation for your players' future in football.


Is this program suitable for new coaches?
Yes, it’s designed for coaches at all levels, providing the basics for newcomers and advanced strategies for seasoned professionals.

Can these strategies be adapted to any youth football team?
Absolutely. The plays and defensive setups are versatile, designed to be adapted to fit the unique needs of your team.

How will this program help my team win?
By focusing on both offensive and defensive strengths, you’ll be able to build a well-rounded team that can adapt and overcome any challenge on the field.