Discover our comprehensive range of gym floor products, designed to meet the diverse needs of athletic facilities, schools, and event venues. Each product is engineered to protect, enhance, and maintain the quality of your gym floors, ensuring they stand up to the rigors of heavy use and multifunctional activities.

Vinyl Gym Floor Cover: Our durable vinyl covers offer robust protection for your gym floors against scuffs, stains, and spills during events. Available in multiple colors and thicknesses, these covers are easy to deploy and maintain, providing a practical and cost-effective flooring solution.

GymPro®️ Eco Gym Floor Tiles: These eco-friendly tiles are perfect for quick and easy floor protection. They are designed to be lightweight yet durable, offering excellent floor coverage and impact resistance, ideal for various sports and activities.

GymPro®️ Eco-Roll: This innovative product features an anti-microbial top layer that looks and performs like carpet, enhancing aesthetics while providing essential protection. The Eco-Roll is ideal for high-traffic areas, offering easy maintenance and long-lasting durability.

Storage and Deployment Solutions: Enhance the usability of your GymPro®️ Eco-Roll with our custom storage and deployment solutions. The STORAGE RACK COVER protects rolls during storage, while the POWERWINDER and STORAGE CART facilitate easy handling and transport. Our Lay-Up racking system allows for quick and efficient deployment of Eco Gym Floor Rolls, significantly reducing labor costs and simplifying storage.

Our gym floor products are crafted to provide superior protection, ease of use, and aesthetic appeal, supporting the longevity and functionality of your sports facility.

HoopsKing GYMPRO • POWERWINDER $999.99
Streamline Gym Maintenance with the GYMPRO POWERWINDER Maximize efficiency and minimize labor with the GYMPRO POWERWINDER, a game-changing tool designed to simplify the management of your gym’s vinyl floor covers. Say goodbye to manual cranking and hello to a faster, smoother operation that integrates seamlessly with your existing equipment. Revolutionize Your Floor Management Labor-Saving Efficiency: Drastically cut down on the time and manpower needed to roll and unroll gym floor covers. Plug and Play Convenience: Easily integrates with your existing rack system, ensuring a hassle-free setup. Quick and Effortless Operation: Powered mechanism allows for quick retrieval of the Eco-Roll System, enhancing productivity. Advanced Features for Enhanced Performance Robust Construction: Made from heavy-duty fiberglass-reinforced plastic for long-lasting durability and performance. Optimized Motor Power: Features a universal 115v motor with a heavy-duty paddle type switch, including a safe lock-off and separate forward/reverse controls. High-Speed Spindle: Operates at 32 RPM (no load), ensuring efficient roll-ups and minimal downtime. Lightweight Design: Weighs only 12.5 lbs (5.5 kg), making it easy to handle and operate. Transform How You Manage Gym Floor Covers Save Time and Reduce Strain: Eliminates the physical effort of hand cranking, making it easier and faster to manage floor covers. Versatile Compatibility: Works with all Gym Cover Roll Racks, offering a universal solution to floor cover management. Dependable and Safe: Equipped with a gear hand featuring spur and worm gear reduction drive in an aluminum housing for reliable and safe operation. FAQs How easy is it to install the GYMPRO POWERWINDER? Installation is straightforward and user-friendly. It's designed to work with your existing rack system with minimal setup required. Can the POWERWINDER be used with different types of gym floor covers? Yes, it is compatible with all types of vinyl gym floor covers and works with any Gym Cover Roll Rack. What safety features does the POWERWINDER have? It includes a heavy-duty paddle type switch with a safe lock-off to prevent accidental operation, ensuring maximum safety during use. Is maintenance required for the POWERWINDER? Minimal maintenance is needed. Regular checks and basic cleanings are sufficient to keep it in optimal condition. Enhance your gym's operational efficiency with the GYMPRO POWERWINDER. Invest in this essential tool to save time, reduce labor costs, and maintain the quality of your gym floor covers with ease.
HoopsKing ECOTILE • STORAGE CART $899.99
Optimize Your Gym Tile Management with the ECOTILE Storage Cart Streamline the storage and transportation of your gym floor covering carpet tiles with the ECOTILE Storage Cart. Designed specifically to handle heavy loads while protecting your valuable Eco Tiles, this storage solution is a must-have for any facility looking to enhance efficiency and space management. Key Benefits and Features High Capacity Storage: Holds up to 200 Eco Gym Floor Cover Tiles, allowing for effective organization and space utilization. Robust Design: Crafted with durability in mind, it supports a maximum weight limit of 1,620 lbs without compromising mobility. Optimal Dimensions: Measuring 36”x72”, the cart is designed to fit through standard doorways and store compactly when not in use. Ease of Use: Facilitates fast and easy storage and transportation of Eco Tiles, reducing the physical strain on staff and the risk of damage to tiles. Enhance Facility Operations Space Efficiency: Maximizes storage space while keeping your gym tiles organized and accessible. Mobility: Equipped with smooth-rolling casters, the cart can be easily moved around, even when fully loaded. Heavy-duty Construction: Weighing 100 lbs when empty, its sturdy build ensures stability and long-term durability. Practical Design: Simplifies the process of loading and unloading tiles, significantly cutting down time and effort required. FAQs What type of material is the ECOTILE Storage Cart made from? The cart is constructed from high-quality steel, designed to withstand the rigors of frequent use while protecting your investment in Eco Tiles. Can the cart be used for other purposes besides storing Eco Tiles? While it is specifically designed for Eco Tiles, its robust and versatile design makes it suitable for transporting other lightweight gym equipment as well. How do I maintain the ECOTILE Storage Cart? Maintenance is minimal. Regularly check for and tighten any loose screws and wheels. Clean with a damp cloth to keep it looking new. Is assembly required for the ECOTILE Storage Cart? Yes, some assembly is required upon delivery, but it is straightforward and can be completed quickly with basic tools. Invest in the ECOTILE Storage Cart and transform how you handle gym floor tiles today. Not only will you save time and effort in managing your facility, but you'll also extend the life of your gym tiles by ensuring they are stored and transported safely and efficiently.
Gym Pro Eco Roll Storage Rack Gym Pro Eco Roll Storage Rack
HoopsKing Gym Pro Eco Roll Storage Rack $2,681.13
Optimize Your Gym Space with the GymPro Storage Rack Discover Efficient Gym Floor Management The GymPro Storage Rack is specifically engineered to enhance the management and storage of your gym floor covers. With its robust capacity and user-friendly design, this rack is an essential tool for gym owners and facility managers aiming to maintain a tidy and functional space. Key Features and Benefits Our GymPro Storage Rack not only simplifies the storage process but also brings a host of benefits and features that make it indispensable: High Capacity Storage: Capable of holding up to 7,000 sq. ft. of GymPro EcoRoll, ensuring that even large gym spaces are easily catered for. Efficient Dimensions: Measuring 90” x 32.75” x 62”, it uses space economically while providing substantial storage capacity. Lightweight and Durable: With an empty weight of just 297 lbs and requiring only 12 bolts for assembly, it is both sturdy and easy to set up. Mobility: Equipped with casters, the rack can be moved effortlessly to wherever it is needed, minimizing labor and saving time. Straightening Bar: Includes a built-in straightening bar that ensures the gym floor covers are rolled up neatly, preventing uneven rolling and facilitating easy storage. Perfect for Every Gym The GymPro Storage Rack is designed to fit through standard 36" doorways, making it versatile for any gym layout. Its capacity to hold up to 6,000 square feet of gym floor covering per core—with each core holding 3,000 sqft—makes it perfect for both small and large facilities. This rack is an investment in your facility's functionality and aesthetic, keeping your gym floor covers organized and ready for quick deployment. With the GymPro Storage Rack, you can ensure that your gym remains a state-of-the-art facility. Contact Us Today! Interested in making your gym maintenance effortless? Contact us to order the GymPro Storage Rack and transform your storage solutions. Don't forget to ask about our 3-year manufacturer warranty and take advantage of a product proudly made in the USA. For a tidy, efficient, and professional gym setup, the GymPro Storage Rack is your go-to solution!
Gym Floor Covering | Vinyl Gym Floor Covering | Vinyl
HoopsKing Gym Floor Covering | Vinyl $0.00
Protect Your Investment with Premium Gym Floor Covering Attention Facility Managers, School Administrators, and Event Coordinators! Are you concerned about the wear and tear on your gym floors during non-sporting events? Look no further than Fisher Gym Floor Covers, your ultimate solution for floor protection. Perfect for commencements, dances, concerts, and banquets, our floor covers ensure your gym remains in pristine condition, no matter the event. Why Choose Fisher Gym Floor Cover? Our Gym Floor Covers are not just protective; they are designed with the needs of high-traffic facilities in mind, offering unmatched durability and ease of maintenance. Key Features and Benefits: Superior Material Options: Choose between 14 oz or 18 oz vinyl to best suit your facility’s needs. Long-Lasting Durability: Crafted to withstand heavy use and protect your floors for years. Easy Maintenance: Our covers are washable, making cleanup after events a breeze. Aesthetic Choices: Available in tan or gray, which are optimal for hiding dirt and markings. Safety First: Opt for our fire retardant material to ensure compliance and safety during events. Health & Safety: Mildew resistant and waterproof to handle any spills and protect against moisture damage. Versatile Sizing: Available in 5' and 10' widths to cover different areas according to your specific needs. Enhance Your Facility’s Functionality and Appearance Imagine hosting any event without the worry of damaging your valuable gym floor. With Fisher Gym Floor Covers, you can transform your gym into a versatile event space, confident that your floor is shielded from damage, stains, and wear. Our covers not only protect but also contribute to a cleaner and more professional appearance during significant school or community events. Step Up Your Facility’s Game Ready to upgrade your facility management approach? Fisher Gym Floor Covers are an investment in your venue's longevity and aesthetics. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to safeguard your flooring with a product trusted by professionals across the nation. FAQ Q: How do I choose the right thickness for my gym floor cover?A: The 14 oz vinyl is great for lighter use, while the 18 oz vinyl offers extra durability for heavier or more frequent events. Q: Can the gym floor covers be customized to fit my space?A: Absolutely! Our covers are available in 5' and 10' widths and can be tailored to fit the specific dimensions of your gym. Q: How should I clean the gym floor cover after an event?A: Simply wash the cover with mild detergent; our materials are designed to be easy to clean and maintain. Q: Are the covers easy to store when not in use?A: Yes, our gym floor covers can be easily rolled up for storage, saving space and preserving the cover’s quality. Q: What makes your covers a safer choice for events?A: Our optional fire retardant material adds an extra layer of safety, making our covers suitable for any event. Protect your gym floors with confidence and style. Order your Fisher Gym Floor Cover today and enjoy peace of mind at every event!
Custom Swag Mat for Gymnasium Custom Swag Mat for Gymnasium
HoopsKing Custom Swag Mat for Gymnasium de $399.99
Transform Your Space with Custom Swag Mats: The Ultimate in Durability and Branding Attention Facility Managers, Event Coordinators, and Athletic Directors! Looking for a way to enhance your facility's branding while protecting your floors? Our Custom Swag Mats offer a perfect solution. Whether it's a sports arena, a trade show, or a gymnasium, these mats provide not only functional benefits but also an exceptional opportunity for customized branding. Designed to withstand the toughest conditions, our Swag Mats ensure your logo stays vibrant and visible, even under heavy foot traffic. Unmatched Features for Supreme Functionality Our Swag Mats are crafted with attention to both durability and aesthetic appeal, making them ideal for any high-traffic area: Key Features and Benefits: Durable Material: Made from super durable rubber, perfect for heavy use areas. Protective Artwork Placement: Artwork is printed on the back of the mat, shielding it from wear and tear. Anti-Skid Backing: Ensures the mat stays in place on any surface, enhancing safety and usability. Easy Maintenance: Simple cleaning with mild detergent or a disinfectant cleaner. Versatile Use: Ideal for sports arenas, locker rooms, trade shows, and gymnasiums. Customizable Sizes: Available in multiple standard sizes and custom options to fit any space. Customize and Protect with Style Imagine your facility, branded beautifully with your custom logo on every mat, enhancing both aesthetics and function. Our Swag Mats not only protect your floors but also turn every space into a branded environment that speaks to your organization’s professionalism and pride. Step Up Your Facility’s Game Ready to elevate your space with high-quality, customized flooring solutions? Our Swag Mats are more than just mats; they are a part of your branding strategy. Choose from a wide range of sizes to perfectly fit your specific needs: Standard Sizes Available: Ranging from 3' x 25' to 4' x 30' Custom Sizes: Tailored to your unique requirements FAQ Q: How can I customize the Swag Mat for my facility?A: Provide us with your logo or desired artwork, and select the mat size that best fits your space. We'll take care of embedding your design into the mat for maximum durability and visibility. Q: What makes the Swag Mat ideal for high-traffic areas?A: The Swag Mat is constructed from a tough rubber material with back printed graphics, designed to withstand significant wear and tear without compromising on appearance. Q: How do I clean and maintain the Swag Mat?A: Cleaning is effortless—simply use a mild detergent or a disinfectant cleaner to keep your mats looking new. Q: Are there options for very large spaces?A: Yes, we offer sizes up to 4' x 30', and custom dimensions can be created to suit any space requirements. Enhance your facility with our Custom Swag Mats. Protect your floors, promote your brand, and provide a safe, stylish environment for everyone in your space. Place your order today and step into a world where functionality meets branding, all crafted to your exact specifications.
Anti-bacterial protective gym floor covering gym floor mat
HoopsKing Recubrimiento protector para pisos de gimnasio $0.00
Maximice la longevidad de su gimnasio con nuestro revestimiento para pisos de alta resistencia Presentamos el nuevo y mejorado GymPro Eco-Roll, ¡ahora con protección antimicrobiana incorporada! Esta revolucionaria tecnología ayuda a prevenir el crecimiento de moho, hongos y bacterias en la superficie de la alfombra, brindando una protección duradera y segura que resiste la limpieza y los productos químicos. El Eco-Roll está fabricado con materiales 100% reciclados y ofrece una apariencia, portabilidad y eficiencia exclusivas que no pueden igualar otros productos en el mercado. Además, con su respaldo antideslizante y su sistema de estanterías Lay-Up compacto y fácil de almacenar, reduce los costos de mano de obra y es la solución perfecta para proteger sus pisos de madera. Dígale adiós a las cubiertas de vinilo pesadas y poco atractivas y elija GymPro Eco-Roll para una protección superior. Especificaciones: Dimensión: 6 pies de ancho x longitud personalizada Peso: 15,5 oz. por YD2 Garantía: 3 años Clasificación contra incendios: ASTM E648-06 Clase 1 Elija estos accesorios para revestimientos de pisos de gimnasios para construir un sistema completo de revestimientos de pisos para gimnasios que será la envidia de otras escuelas GYMPRO • ESTANTE DE ALMACENAMIENTO N.º de artículo G-RGPLUB Capacidad para hasta 7000 pies cuadrados del GymPro EcoRoll Dimensiones: 90”x 32.75”x 62” Peso vacío: 297 libras. Requiere sólo 12 pernos para ensamblar ENROLLADOR N.º de artículo G-AGPPW Ahorre tiempo y dinero en costos laborales Plug and Play, funciona con su rack existente Hace que la recuperación del sistema Eco-Roll sea aún más rápida y sencilla CUBIERTA DEL ESTANTE DE ALMACENAMIENTO N.º de artículo G-AGPSC Protege su sistema Eco-Roll mientras no está en uso. Impresión de logotipo personalizado disponible GANCHO SUPERIOR ALMACENAMIENTO DE LA CINTA DE COSTURA N.º de artículo G-AGSTSS Almacena hasta 16 rollos de cinta para costuras con gancho superior cuando no está en uso Elimina varios viajes al armario de almacenamiento CARRITO DE ALMACENAMIENTO artículo n.º G-GPTileCart Capacidad para hasta 200 EcoTile cada uno Dimensiones: 36”x72” Peso vacío: 100 libras ACCESORIOS ADICIONALES • Lengüetas de velcro EcoRoll - Bolsa de 36 unidades ........................................ .n.º de artículo G-AGPT36 • Clips de núcleo EcoRoll - Paquete de 6 Cant.................................. .....artículo n.º G-AGPAC6 • Correas de almacenamiento para corredores de la cancha - Paquete de 4 Cant..................artículo # G-AGPS4B • Cinta para unir con gancho superior 4”X 75' ......................... ........artículo n.º G-AGPV425 Sistema de estanterías GymPro para fácil almacenamiento y uso Capacidad para 6000 pies cuadrados. Cómo limpiar y cuidar el revestimiento del piso de su gimnasio Se recomiendan las siguientes instrucciones de limpieza y mantenimiento para garantizar que el producto mantenga la apariencia deseada y el nivel de rendimiento óptimo, además de garantizar una larga vida útil del producto. Limpieza diaria Aspire diariamente cuando el producto esté en uso con una aspiradora de “estilo comercial” de alta resistencia. Eliminación de manchas Si se produce un derrame, seque el exceso de líquido con un paño limpio y absorbente o una toalla de papel. Rocíe el área afectada con un removedor multiuso* y seque suavemente el área hasta que desaparezca la mancha. Las manchas a base de grasa y aceite pueden requerir un químico desengrasante. Eliminación de encías Con una espátula, retire el exceso de chicle de la superficie del material. Si quedan residuos, es posible que necesite un removedor de goma a base de solvente de calidad comercial. Para obtener mejores resultados, marque la superficie del chicle restante. Esto permite que el removedor de encías penetre de manera más efectiva. Consulte las instrucciones del removedor de chicle para obtener instrucciones detalladas. Mantenimiento periódico La cubierta para piso de gimnasio está sujeta a diferentes entornos y niveles de tráfico. Sus variantes ambientales y de tráfico específicas dictarán los requisitos reales de mantenimiento periódico. Cuando se requiere una limpieza profunda, se recomiendan extractores de alfombras con conductor a bordo o con conductor a pie. Consulte a su especialista local en ventas de equipos para obtener recomendaciones específicas sobre los tipos y marcas de extractores disponibles.
gym floor covering protection tile gym floor protective covering tiles
HoopsKing Cubiertas de baldosas para gimnasio para protección $0.00
Versátil ¡Solo 8,2 libras por baldosa! Extremadamente duradero y resistente a las manchas Apariencia y tacto de la alfombra. Increíbles propiedades acústicas Altamente antideslizante Se utiliza para proteger prácticamente cualquier superficie del piso. Especificaciones: Fibra: PET reciclado 100% estable a los rayos UV Tamaño: 35” x 70” Altura de la pila: 1/8” Altura Total: 1/4” Grosor total: 1/4” Peso total: 74,5 oz YD2 +/- 7% Método de tinte: solución teñida Garantía: 7 años ASTM E 648-10 - Clase 1 Respaldo primario: propietario Mezcla termoplástica con laminado. capa de fibra de vidrio para estabilidad dimensional
Custom courtside runner rug basketball Volleyball gym floor rug chairs
HoopsKing Alfombra de corredor de cancha para piso de gimnasio $1,199.00
Corredores de cancha para sillas de piso de gimnasio Las alfombras de pista personalizadas para suelos de gimnasios se han vuelto cada vez más populares en los últimos años, ya que proporcionan una serie de beneficios tanto para los atletas como para los propietarios de gimnasios. Estos corredores están diseñados para adaptarse a las dimensiones específicas del piso de un gimnasio y se pueden personalizar con una variedad de colores, logotipos y diseños para combinar con la estética de la instalación. Beneficios clave Uno de los principales beneficios de los corredores de cancha personalizados para pisos de gimnasios es que brindan tracción y estabilidad adicionales a los atletas. La superficie del piso de un gimnasio puede ser resbaladiza y resbaladiza, especialmente si ha sido pulida o encerada recientemente. Esto puede dificultar que los atletas mantengan el equilibrio, lo que puede provocar lesiones y accidentes. Los corredores personalizados para la cancha están hechos de materiales duraderos y antideslizantes que pueden ayudar a mejorar la tracción y la estabilidad, lo que hace que sea más seguro para los atletas moverse por el piso del gimnasio. Otro beneficio de las alfombras de pista personalizadas para suelos de gimnasios es que pueden ayudar a proteger el suelo de daños. El movimiento constante de los atletas y el equipo puede desgastar la superficie del piso de un gimnasio con el tiempo, provocando rayones, raspaduras y otros tipos de daños. Los corredores personalizados en la cancha actúan como una barrera entre el piso del gimnasio y los atletas, lo que ayuda a reducir el desgaste del piso. Esto puede ayudar a prolongar la vida útil del piso del gimnasio, ahorrando a los propietarios del gimnasio el costo de tener que reemplazarlo prematuramente. Añade el logotipo de tu escuela Los corredores personalizados para la cancha también brindan una excelente manera de promocionar el gimnasio, la escuela u otra institución. Personalizado con logotipos, colores y diseños, realmente puede mostrar el espíritu y el orgullo de la institución. También brinda una oportunidad para la marca y la publicidad. Además de los beneficios prácticos, las alfombras de pista personalizadas para suelos de gimnasios también pueden mejorar la estética de un gimnasio. Estos corredores vienen en una amplia gama de colores, patrones y diseños, por lo que los propietarios de gimnasios pueden elegir un estilo que complemente la apariencia general de sus instalaciones. Algunos propietarios de gimnasios incluso optan por que sus corredores personalizados en la cancha combinen con los colores de su escuela o equipo deportivo. Esto puede ayudar a crear un entorno más cohesivo y visualmente atractivo, lo que puede ser especialmente importante para los gimnasios que albergan eventos o competiciones. Cuando se trata de comprar corredores de cancha personalizados para pisos de gimnasio, hay algunas cosas a tener en cuenta. En primer lugar, es importante medir con precisión las dimensiones del suelo del gimnasio, para que las guías encajen correctamente. En segundo lugar, es importante elegir un material duradero y de alta calidad que pueda soportar los rigores del uso habitual. Y, por último, es importante trabajar con un proveedor de confianza que pueda guiarlo a través del proceso y garantizar que obtenga un producto que satisfaga sus necesidades. Mejor tracción, resistencia a la tensión y respaldo de goma Nuestros corredores de gimnasio GymPro Courtside son una alternativa superior a las cubiertas de piso de vinilo tradicionales para gimnasios. Protegen el suelo de su gimnasio de los daños causados ​​por las sillas y el tráfico intenso, al mismo tiempo que absorben la humedad y proporcionan resistencia al deslizamiento. La tela superior es prácticamente a prueba de manchas y absorbe el sudor, lo que reduce el polvo y mejora la seguridad y la tracción de los zapatos de los jugadores. En conclusión, las alfombras de pista personalizadas para suelos de gimnasios son una gran inversión para cualquier propietario o entrenador de un gimnasio. Proporcionan una serie de beneficios, que incluyen una mejor tracción y estabilidad para los atletas, protección para el piso del gimnasio y la capacidad de mejorar la estética del gimnasio. Con una amplia gama de colores, diseños y materiales para elegir, existe un corredor de cancha personalizado que se adapta a cada gimnasio y presupuesto.