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From high-flying fun with our parachutes to friendly competition with tetherballs and tug-of-war ropes, we have all the equipment to create a PE experience they'll love. These engaging activities are perfect for schools, playgrounds, or even your own backyard!

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Rhino Soft-Eeze Tetherball Rhino Soft-Eeze Tetherball
HoopsKing Rhino Soft-Eeze Tetherball de $24.99
Bring the Fun Back to Tetherball with the Rhino Soft-Eeze Tetherball Looking for a fun and active way to spend time with friends and family? Look no further than the Rhino Soft-Eeze Tetherball! This innovative tetherball is perfect for players of all ages and skill levels, making it a great addition to any backyard or game room. Why Choose the Rhino Soft-Eeze Tetherball? The Rhino Soft-Eeze Tetherball offers a variety of features that make it the perfect choice for your next game: Safe for Beginners: The soft, easy-to-grip Rhino Skin® cover ensures a safe and enjoyable playing experience, even for young children or those new to tetherball. No more worries about stings or injuries! Perfect for Indoor or Outdoor Play: The durable Rhino Skin® cover can withstand the elements, making the Rhino Soft-Eeze Tetherball a great choice for both indoor and outdoor games. Two Sizes for All Ages: Available in standard 9-inch and oversized 10-inch diameters, you can choose the perfect size for your players. The larger size is ideal for younger children or those who are just learning the game. Bright and Colorful: The multi-colored design of the Rhino Soft-Eeze Tetherball adds a touch of fun and excitement to any game. In short, the Rhino Soft-Eeze Tetherball is the perfect way to: Get some exercise and have some fun with friends and family. Introduce children to a classic game in a safe and enjoyable way. Enjoy a competitive game for players of all ages and skill levels. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Q: What is Rhino Skin®? A: Rhino Skin® is a patented material that is soft to the touch, easy to grip, and super tear-resistant. It can withstand rough play and regular use, both indoors and outdoors. Q: How easy is it to set up the Rhino Soft-Eeze Tetherball? A: The Rhino Soft-Eeze Tetherball is very easy to set up. It typically requires a separate tetherball pole and mounting hardware (not included) which can be found at most sporting goods stores. Q: How many players can play tetherball? A: Tetherball is traditionally a two-player game, but it can also be played with three or more players if you have the space and take turns. Get your Rhino Soft-Eeze Tetherball today and start playing!
Tennis Tetherball Set Tennis Tetherball Set
HoopsKing Tennis Tetherball Set $50.99
Unleash Backyard Tennis Battles with the Fun-Filled Tennis Tetherball Set! Looking for a way to add a twist to classic backyard games? Look no further than the Tennis Tetherball Set! This innovative set combines the fast-paced action of tennis with the strategic elements of tetherball, creating an unforgettable outdoor experience for kids and adults alike. Get Ready for Hours of Active Entertainment The Tennis Tetherball Set is all you need to transform your backyard into a competitive court. Here's what makes it the perfect choice for your next family gathering or playdate: Two-Player Challenge: The set includes everything you need for head-to-head competition, with two paddles and a single tennis ball. Adjustable Height: The two-piece metal pole allows you to customize the playing experience for different ages and skill levels. Smooth Ball Movement: The swivel arm and spiral coil ensure the tennis ball travels freely around the pole, keeping the game dynamic and exciting. Easy Setup and Storage: The set disassembles quickly for convenient storage and transportation. In minutes, you'll be ready to: Practice your tennis swings solo. Engage in thrilling rallies with a partner. Develop hand-eye coordination and reflexes. The Tennis Tetherball Set is a fantastic way to get everyone moving, laughing, and enjoying the outdoors. Frequently Asked Questions Q: What age is this set appropriate for? A: The Tennis Tetherball Set is perfect for children of all ages and adults who enjoy a fun and active challenge. Q: How tall is the adjustable pole? A: The exact height will vary depending on the assembly, but most sets offer a height range suitable for comfortable play for a variety of ages. Q: Is the tennis ball included? A: Yes, the Tennis Tetherball Set typically comes with one tennis ball. Ready to add a unique and exciting game to your backyard arsenal? Order your Tennis Tetherball Set today!
Foam Croquet Set Foam Croquet Set
HoopsKing Foam Croquet Set $124.99
Liven Up Any Space with a Fun and Safe Game: The Foam Croquet Set Bring the joy of croquet anywhere with this vibrant and safe foam set! Perfect for backyards, basements, or even living rooms, this croquet set provides hours of entertainment for people of all ages. Laughter and Competition for Everyone This croquet set is crafted entirely from safe and soft foam, making it perfect for introducing children to the classic game. No more worries about flying mallets or broken furniture – just pure, strategic fun! Here's what makes this Foam Croquet Set the perfect choice for you: Safe for Indoor and Outdoor Play: The lightweight foam design ensures a safe playing environment, indoors or outdoors. Complete Croquet Experience: This set comes with everything you need to play a full game, including six mallets, six balls, nine wickets, and two stakes. Easy Storage: The convenient storage bag keeps all the pieces together and makes cleanup a breeze. Fun and Colorful: The bright, multi-colored design adds a touch of cheer to any game. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Is this croquet set easy to assemble? A: Absolutely! The foam wickets simply slot together, and the entire set is ready to play in minutes. Q: How many people can play with this set? A: This set includes six mallets and six balls, making it perfect for up to six players. Q: How big are the mallets and balls? A: The mallets are 28 inches long, and the balls are 2 inches in diameter. Get ready for a summer of laughter and friendly competition with this Foam Croquet Set! Order yours today!
Mini Golf Set Mini Golf Set
HoopsKing Mini Golf Set $86.99
Liven Up Any Space with Vibrant Mini Golf Fun! Looking for a way to keep the whole family entertained? Add a splash of color and a sprinkle of friendly competition to your next gathering with this exciting Mini Golf Set! Perfect for parties, picnics, or just a lazy afternoon in the backyard, this set provides hours of putting fun for people of all ages. Brighten Up Your Day with a Rainbow of Mini Golf Fun This Mini Golf Set isn't just about sinking putts, it's about bringing a burst of color to your day! The set features: Six 24" putters in vibrant colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple Eighteen colorful targets: three of each color to match the putters Eighteen colorful balls: three of each color to match the putters and targets But wait, there's more! Durable for Endless Play: Made with a sturdy plastic shaft, these putters are built to last through enthusiastic play, ensuring hours of mini golf fun. Comfortable Grips: The head foam grips make putting a breeze, allowing players of all ages to perfect their swing. Endless Course Creation: With 18 targets and balls, you can create a multitude of mini golf courses that wind through your living room, backyard, or anywhere you can imagine! This Mini Golf Set is the perfect way to create lasting memories and hours of entertainment for the whole family. Frequently Asked Questions Q: What age is this Mini Golf Set appropriate for? A: This Mini Golf Set is perfect for children of all ages and adults who are young at heart! Q: How much space do I need to set up the Mini Golf course? A: The beauty of this Mini Golf Set is its versatility! You can create a course that winds through your living room, utilizes furniture as obstacles, or sprawls across your backyard. The size of your course is limited only by your imagination! Q: How easy is it to store the Mini Golf Set? A: The putters and targets are lightweight and the balls are small, making storage a breeze. Simply pack everything away in a box or tote bag until your next mini golf adventure!
Shuffleboard Set Shuffleboard Set
HoopsKing Shuffleboard Set $87.99
Host the Perfect Backyard Game Night with a Classic Shuffleboard Set! Looking for a fun and engaging way to liven up your next gathering? Look no further than this incredible shuffleboard set! Perfect for family reunions, barbecues, or friendly competitions with neighbors, shuffleboard provides hours of entertainment for people of all ages. Classic Fun for Everyone Shuffleboard is a timeless game that's easy to learn and challenging to master. This set is perfect for both seasoned players and curious beginners. With simple rules and smooth gameplay, you'll be gliding discs down the board in no time! Features You'll Love Durable Construction: This set includes four regulation-size 66" aluminum cues that are built to last. Complete Game Set: The set comes with everything you need to get started, including eight 6" plastic discs in classic brown and yellow. Effortless Setup: Enjoy hassle-free fun with this shuffleboard set's quick and easy setup process. Get the game started in minutes and spend more time laughing and competing! Frequently Asked Questions What is the weight of the discs? While the exact weight may vary slightly, shuffleboard discs typically weigh around 15-16 ounces each. Is this set appropriate for outdoor use? While shuffleboard can be played outdoors on a dedicated court, this particular set is designed for indoor use on a flat, smooth surface. How many players can participate in a game? Shuffleboard can be enjoyed with anywhere from two to four players. This shuffleboard set is the perfect addition to any game room or basement. Order yours today and start creating lasting memories with friends and family!
Economy Shuffleboard Set Economy Shuffleboard Set
HoopsKing Economy Shuffleboard Set $116.99
Bring Home the Fun with the Economy Shuffleboard Set! Looking for a fun and engaging activity for the whole family? Look no further than the Economy Shuffleboard Set! This easy-to-learn game provides hours of entertainment for people of all ages, making it the perfect addition to your next game night, barbecue, or even a lazy afternoon at home. <h3>Classic Gameplay, Easy Set Up</h3> The Economy Shuffleboard Set includes everything you need to get started with this timeless game. The 15-foot plastic court lays flat on any smooth surface, transforming your living room, patio, or basement into an instant shuffleboard court. The set also comes with eight pucks (four black, four yellow) and four two-piece, 51-inch cues. The two-piece design of the cues allows for easy storage when not in use, making this set a breeze to keep organized. Plus, with included rules, you can be up and playing in no time! <h3>Key Features and Benefits</h3> Complete Set: Includes everything you need to play - 15' plastic court, 8 pucks, and 4 cues. Easy Setup: The lightweight plastic court lays flat for instant fun. Space-Saving Cues: Two-piece cues disassemble for convenient storage. Family-Friendly Fun: A classic game that's easy to learn and enjoyable for all ages. <h3>Frequently Asked Questions</h3> Q: How much space do I need to play? A: The shuffleboard court is 15 feet long, so you'll need a clear space at least that size. However, you can always shorten the game by using fewer pucks or playing to a lower score. Q: Is the shuffleboard court slippery? A: The plastic surface is smooth to allow the pucks to slide easily. We recommend playing on a flat, stable surface to avoid any unexpected bounces. Q: Is this shuffleboard set good for outdoor use? A: While the set can be used outdoors on a calm day, keep in mind that the plastic court and pucks may be lightweight and susceptible to wind. For long-term outdoor use, a heavier duty shuffleboard set might be a better option. With the Economy Shuffleboard Set, bringing the fun of the arcade or bar into your own home is quick and easy. Order yours today and get ready for hours of friendly competition and laughter!
Blacktop Shuffleboard Game Set Blacktop Shuffleboard Game Set
HoopsKing Blacktop Shuffleboard Game Set $65.99
Bring the Fun Anywhere with the Blacktop Shuffleboard Game Set! Looking for a fun and easy way to liven up your next gathering? The Blacktop Shuffleboard Game Set is the perfect solution! This portable set provides hours of entertainment for people of all ages, making it a great addition to any backyard barbecue, picnic, or even a casual get-together at home. Classic Gameplay, Simplified Setup Shuffleboard is a timeless game that combines skill and strategy. The Blacktop Shuffleboard Game Set brings the essence of this classic game to your driveway, sidewalk, or any other flat, smooth surface. Simply use the included chalk to draw your court, and you're ready to play! Key Features and Benefits: Complete Set: Everything you need to get started is included: eight pucks, two cues, chalk, and instructions. Portable Fun: The lightweight design makes it easy to take the game anywhere. Durable Construction: Built to withstand years of outdoor use. Easy to Learn: Simple rules make it perfect for players of all ages and skill levels. Family-Friendly: A great way to create lasting memories with loved ones. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) What size playing area do I need? The recommended playing area is 9 feet long by 2 feet wide, but you can adjust the size to fit your space. How many players can play? The Blacktop Shuffleboard Game Set is perfect for 2-4 players. Is the chalk washable? Yes, the included sidewalk chalk is washable and easy to clean up. How long do games typically last? Games can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the skill level of the players. With the Blacktop Shuffleboard Game Set, you can turn any outdoor space into a fun-filled game zone. Order yours today and start creating memories that will last a lifetime!
Nylon Multicolor parachute
HoopsKing Nylon Multicolor parachute de $19.99
Bring Active Fun to Any Space with the Multicolor Play Parachute! Engage children of all ages with the vibrant fun of the Multicolor Play Parachute! This giant parachute is perfect for active play, encouraging teamwork, coordination, and creativity. It's the ideal addition to playgrounds, schools, backyards, or anywhere kids gather to play. Key Features and Benefits: Durable Construction: Made from high-quality, multicolor ripstop nylon, this parachute is built to withstand energetic play. Double-stitched panels ensure lasting strength, while the reinforced handles provide a secure grip for even the most enthusiastic participants. Multiple Sizes: Find the perfect fit for your group with a variety of sizes available, ranging from 6 feet in diameter to a whopping 30 feet! Active Play: The Multicolor Play Parachute promotes physical activity and social interaction. Kids will love working together to create waves, tunnels, and all sorts of imaginative formations with the parachute. Endless Fun: The possibilities are endless with the Multicolor Play Parachute! Use it for classic parachute games, invent your own activities, or simply let kids explore the world of movement and cooperation. Easy Storage: The parachute folds up easily for convenient storage when not in use. Frequently Asked Questions What age is the Multicolor Play Parachute appropriate for? The Multicolor Play Parachute is perfect for children of all ages! It's a great way to encourage teamwork and physical activity for young children, while older kids will enjoy the challenge of creating more complex formations. How many children can use the Multicolor Play Parachute? The number of children that can comfortably participate depends on the size of the parachute you choose. The 6-foot parachute is ideal for smaller groups, while the larger sizes can accommodate many more children. How do I clean the Multicolor Play Parachute? Spot clean the parachute with mild soap and water. Allow it to air dry completely before storing. Bring the joy of active play to your space with the Multicolor Play Parachute! Order yours today!
Tug Of War Rope Tug Of War Rope
HoopsKing Tug Of War Rope de $60.99
Relive the Classic Tug-of-War Fun with Our Durable Poly Rope! Planning a field day, team-building event, or backyard bash? Look no further than our top-quality polyester tug-of-war rope! This classic game is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, bringing people together in a test of strength, teamwork, and laughter. Built to Last - Perfect for Every Tug-of-War Occasion Our heavy-duty polyester rope is built to withstand even the most enthusiastic tugs-of-war. Here's why you'll love it: Ultra-durable polyester construction: This rope is built to last, ensuring you can enjoy countless games without worrying about fraying or breakage. Massive 100-foot length: This length is perfect for larger groups, allowing for more participants and even more pulling power! Comfortable 1-inch diameter: The thickness is ideal for a secure grip, maximizing pulling power while minimizing hand fatigue. Convenient looped ends: The secure loops at each end allow for easy anchoring to stakes or poles, ensuring a stable and safe playing field. Classic blue color: The vibrant blue color adds a touch of fun and excitement to your tug-of-war games. Plus, it's available in a variety of lengths: Choose from 50', 75', and 100' lengths to perfectly suit your space and number of players. We even offer a fun, 4-way pull, 50' multi-colored rope for a unique twist on the classic game! Frequently Asked Questions Q: How thick is the rope? A: The rope has a comfortable 1-inch diameter, perfect for gripping and pulling. Q: What colors are available? A: This rope comes in a classic blue color. We also offer a 4-way pull, multi-colored rope in a separate listing. Q: Can I use this rope on any surface? A: While the rope is durable, it's best used on grass or other soft surfaces to prevent abrasions. Q: How many people can play tug-of-war with this rope? A: The 100' length comfortably accommodates larger groups. The ideal number of players will depend on the age and strength of the participants. Get ready for unforgettable memories and friendly competition! Order your tug-of-war rope today!
Multicolor Beach Ball
HoopsKing Multicolor Beach Ball de $7.99
Bring the Fun to the Beach with the Inch Beach Ball! Looking for the perfect beach toy to keep everyone entertained under the sun? Look no further than the Inch Beach Ball! This inflatable ball is lightweight, colorful, and provides hours of fun for kids and adults alike. The Perfect Beach Companion The Inch Beach Ball is more than just a toy, it's a beach essential. Here's why: Endless Fun: Toss it around, bump it, set it adrift in the waves - the possibilities for beachside fun are endless! All-Ages Appeal: From playful kids to sunbathing adults, the Inch Beach Ball brings a touch of joy to everyone at the beach. Lightweight and Portable: Deflated, the Inch Beach Ball takes up minimal space in your beach bag, inflating easily when you're ready for some fun. Durable Construction: Made from high-quality PVC, the Inch Beach Ball is built to withstand even the most enthusiastic beach games. Inch Beach Ball: Fun by the Inch! Available in a variety of sizes (12", 16", 20", 24", 36" and 48") to suit your needs. The bright, multicolor design makes it easy to spot in the sand or water. Perfect for poolside fun too! Frequently Asked Questions What size Inch Beach Ball should I get? We offer a variety of sizes to fit any occasion. A 12" or 16" ball is perfect for young children, while larger sizes are great for groups or more energetic play. Is the Inch Beach Ball easy to inflate? Absolutely! The Inch Beach Ball inflates easily with a standard air pump or even by mouth. How durable is the Inch Beach Ball? Made from high-quality PVC, the Inch Beach Ball is built to last. However, like any inflatable toy, sharp objects or rough play could cause damage. So ditch the ordinary and bring the Inch Beach Ball on your next beach adventure! Get yours today!
Ultra-Grip Tetherball
HoopsKing Ultra-Grip Tetherball $30.99
Take Your Tetherball Game to the Next Level with the Ultra-Grip Tetherball! Tired of stinging hands and frustrating gameplay? Take your tetherball matches to a whole new level of fun and control with the Ultra-Grip Tetherball! This innovative tetherball is designed to enhance your game in every way. Here's why: Unmatched Grip: The Ultra-Grip Tetherball features a pro-laminated rubber cover with a unique dimpled finish. This combination provides exceptional grip, allowing you to smash, bump, and set with confidence, all without the ball slipping from your grasp. No More Stings: Say goodbye to painful hits! The super soft rubber cover ensures a sting-less touch, making the game enjoyable for players of all ages and skill levels. Now you can focus on strategy and power without worrying about the sting. Highly Visible: The vibrant multi-colored design of the Ultra-Grip Tetherball makes it easy to see against any background. This is especially crucial during intense matches, allowing for faster reaction times and more precise hits. Key Features and Benefits: Pro-laminated rubber cover for exceptional grip Dimpled finish for enhanced control Super soft sting-less touch for comfortable play Multi-colored design for high visibility Durable construction for long-lasting fun Ready to experience the Ultra-Grip Tetherball difference? Order yours today and get ready for a whole new level of tetherball excitement! FAQ Q: Is the Ultra-Grip Tetherball weatherproof? A: Yes, the pro-laminated rubber cover is built to withstand the elements. Q: Does the Ultra-Grip Tetherball come with a tether? A: No, the Ultra-Grip Tetherball is sold separately. However, it is designed to work with most standard tetherball poles and tethers. Q: What size is the Ultra-Grip Tetherball? A: The Ultra-Grip Tetherball is available in the standard tetherball size.
Rubber Tetherball
HoopsKing Rubber Tetherball $21.99
Liven Up Your Backyard with a Classic Game: The Rubber Tetherball Remember the thrill of chasing a tetherball around the pole, whacking it with all your might? Bring back those nostalgic summer memories and energize your backyard with the all-time favorite – the rubber tetherball! This isn't your average tetherball. Here's what makes it the perfect addition to your outdoor fun: <h3>Built to Last – Fun That Never Quits</h3> Heavy-duty Rubber Construction: Made with a resilient rubber cover, this tetherball can withstand even the most intense matches. No more worrying about punctures or tears – just pure, uninterrupted play. Reinforced Butyl Bladder: Ensures the ball maintains its shape and bounce for countless games. Say goodbye to replacing a deflated tetherball every other week. Durable Nylon Tether: The strong nylon tether won't fray or snap easily, keeping the game flowing smoothly. No timeouts for equipment failure here! <h3>Safety and Fun for All Ages</h3> Bright Yellow Color: The vibrant yellow color makes the ball highly visible, allowing for quick reflexes and strategic hits. Perfect for players of all ages and skill levels. Soft Rubber Cover: Compared to traditional tetherballs, the rubber cover offers a gentler impact on hands and arms. Perfect for younger players or those who prefer a softer feel. With this top-quality rubber tetherball, you're getting more than just a game – you're investing in countless hours of laughter, friendly competition, and outdoor exercise for the whole family. Ready to take your backyard to the next level of fun? Get your rubber tetherball today! FAQ What size is the tetherball? The rubber tetherball is a standard size of 8.5 inches, perfect for competitive or casual play. Does the tetherball come inflated? No, the tetherball does not come inflated. A pump and needle are not included, but you can use any standard ball pump to inflate it. Can I use this tetherball with an existing tetherball pole? Absolutely! The included nylon tether is designed to work with most standard tetherball poles.