Youth Double Wing - Counter Series


Youth Double Wing - Counter Series

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Key Features of the Youth Double Wing - Counter Series

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Includes a detailed review of the counter play, counter trap play, reverse, and reverse pass.
  • Maximized Deception: Learn to use multiple backs in each play to increase deception, making your team unpredictable.
  • Customizable Tags and Adjustments: Discover how to use tags and make adjustments to adapt each play for any game situation.
  • Extensive Learning Material: Access to over an hour of clinic video (1:07:30) and exclusive clinic notes for in-depth understanding.
  • Expert Coaching: Benefit from the wisdom of Jack Gregory, a seasoned coach with a proven track record of success in youth football.

Benefits of Implementing the Youth Double Wing - Counter Series

  • Improved Team Performance: Elevate your team's game strategy with advanced plays and deception techniques.
  • Increased Winning Odds: Leverage Coach Gregory's winning strategies that led to 127 wins and 27 losses, including four league championships.
  • Adaptability: Learn how to adjust your game plan with tags and adjustments, ensuring your team is always a step ahead.
  • Global Success Stories: Join the ranks of teams in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Japan that have achieved great success with this system.
  • Access to Expert Knowledge: Gain insights from a coach who has been refining and successfully implementing the Double Wing offense since 1997.


  • Who is this series for?
    This series is designed for youth and high school football coaches looking to enhance their team's offensive strategy and performance.
  • How can I access the clinic videos and notes?
    Upon purchase, you will receive links to the clinic preview video, the full clinic video, and the exclusive clinic notes for your review and implementation.
  • Is this series suitable for complete beginners?
    Yes, while having some knowledge of football coaching is beneficial, the series is structured to accommodate coaches at various levels of experience, including beginners.
  • Can this offense system be adapted to high school football?
    Yes, although the system is designed with youth football in mind, many of the principles and strategies can be successfully adapted for high school football teams.