Wishbone Offense for Youth Football


Wishbone Offense for Youth Football

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Unlock the Power of the Wishbone Offense

  • Proven Success: Historically, the Wishbone offense has led more teams to victory than any other offense in the past 50 years, including renowned programs like Texas, Oklahoma, and Alabama.
  • Perfect for Youth Football: Tailored to exploit the unique dynamics of youth football, enabling teams to achieve outstanding results on the field.
  • Comprehensive Training: Covers all aspects from the basics of the Wishbone offense to advanced blocking schemes, tags, cadence, and playbook review.
  • Inclusive Bonus Material: Get exclusive access to Coach Magee's Wishbone for Youth Playbook, a valuable resource for coaches at all levels.
  • Expert Guidance: Learn from Coach Keith Magee, a former Div 1 Collegiate QB and a seasoned youth football coach with a stellar track record.

Why Choose the Wishbone Offense for Your Team?

The Wishbone offense is not just another strategy; it's a proven system that emphasizes ball control and a strong defense. This approach has consistently delivered results, outperforming other popular offenses. With the included playbook and comprehensive coverage of key tactics, you can equip your team for success.

Benefits of Implementing the Wishbone Offense

  • Enhanced Team Performance: Leverage a tried-and-true offense that has been crafted for the dynamics of youth football.
  • Increased Wins: Join the ranks of legendary programs that have amassed impressive records using the Wishbone offense.
  • Expert Coaching: Benefit from the insights and experience of Coach Magee, who has never had a losing season in over 17 years of coaching youth football.
  • Dynamic Playbook: Gain access to a strategic asset that provides a detailed guide to implementing the Wishbone offense effectively.


Is the Wishbone offense suitable for all youth football teams?

Yes, the Wishbone offense is designed to be adaptable, making it suitable for teams at various levels of youth football.

Can we expect immediate results after switching to the Wishbone offense?

While immediate improvements are possible, the most significant benefits are realized through consistent practice and adherence to the strategies outlined in the training and playbook.

How does the Wishbone offense compare to modern offenses like the Air Raid?

While the Air Raid and other modern offenses focus on flashy plays, the Wishbone offense is proven to deliver consistent victories through strategic play and control.