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Uncover the Secrets to Special Teams Success

Master the art of special teams from the playbook of a Division 1 program, North Dakota State, and elevate your team's performance on the field. This comprehensive guide, led by Coach David Braun, is designed to revolutionize your approach to special teams, offering a wealth of knowledge, strategies, and techniques honed on the gridiron of college football.

  • Seven Unique Kickoff Coverage Strategies: Move beyond traditional coverage techniques and implement diverse strategies to keep the opposition guessing.
  • Advanced Twists & Stunts: Apply defensive tactics to your special teams with drills designed to disrupt and dominate.
  • Specialized Drills for Installation: From kickoff to KO return, leverage drills that translate complex plans into actionable player performance.
  • Targeted Tackling Drills: Enhance your kickoff coverage with tackling drills that focus on the unique challenges of special teams play.
  • Three Dynamic Kickoff Returns: Gain the upper hand with meticulously crafted kickoff return schemes that maximize field position and scoring opportunities.

Why Coach David Braun?

With a storied career spanning from player to coach, David Braun brings a depth of experience and success to the table. His journey through various coaching positions, culminating in his role as defensive coordinator and safeties coach at North Dakota State, underscores a dedication to football excellence. His strategies, developed over years of hands-on experience at multiple levels of the game, offer invaluable insights into building a winning special teams unit.


  • Competitive Edge: Equip your team with Division 1 level strategies that provide a competitive advantage in every game.
  • Player Development: Foster player growth through targeted drills and techniques that enhance skill sets specific to special teams play.
  • Enhanced Game Understanding: Deepen your team's understanding of the game by teaching them the intricacies and strategic importance of special teams.
  • Improved Team Performance: See tangible improvements in your team's overall performance through a focused and innovative approach to special teams.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can benefit from WINNING SPECIAL TEAMS - North Dakota State?

Football coaches at all levels looking to improve their team's special teams play will find this guide invaluable. Whether you're coaching a high school team or a collegiate squad, the strategies and drills presented can be adapted to benefit your team.

Is prior knowledge of special teams strategy required?

No, the guide is designed to be accessible to coaches with varying levels of experience. Both novice and seasoned coaches can benefit from the detailed coaching philosophy and practical drills provided.

How can I implement these strategies in my team's training sessions?

The guide includes step-by-step drills and detailed explanations of each strategy, making it easy to integrate these new approaches into your existing training sessions.