Winning in a World Without Barbells: How to run a successful Strength and Conditioning Program for your team during the shut down


Winning in a World Without Barbells: How to run a successful Strength and Conditioning Program for your team during the shut down

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Discover the Revolutionary Home Training Program

In an era where traditional team training has been disrupted, "Winning in a World Without Barbells" emerges as the ultimate guide to keeping your athletes in peak condition. Amid the chaos caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, with gyms closed and team gatherings prohibited, our program offers a beacon of hope. Designed by the renowned Eric D'Agati, this comprehensive package delivers an innovative approach to strength, power, and athleticism training that your team can follow from the safety of their homes.

Why Choose "Winning in a World Without Barbells"?

  • Accessible Workouts: Easy-to-follow routines that require minimal to no equipment, ensuring all team members can participate regardless of their home resources.
  • Comprehensive Support: From conditioning and nutrition to recovery, we've covered all bases to enhance your team's performance holistically.
  • Expert Guidance: Get started with an introductory Zoom session with Eric D'Agati to seamlessly integrate the program and address any queries.
  • Performance Enhancement: Not just maintenance, but actual improvement in strength, power, and durability through tailored exercises.
  • Community Building: Weekly team challenges to keep spirits high and foster a sense of community and competition among your athletes.

What's Included?

The program encompasses a detailed plan with links to instructional videos for each exercise, a performance guide for athletes, and much more. It's not just about keeping your team fit; it's about advancing their performance ready for when they return to the field.


"The Winning in a World Without Barbells program has given our program a clear plan for how to maintain the gains we made in the weight room this winter! It has been easy for us to manage as coaches and was fast to get rolled out to our kids. Thanks to Coach D'Agati!" - Lou Zampella & Chris Johnston - Hudson Catholic Football

Meet the Expert: Eric D'Agati

With over 20 years in the fitness industry, Eric has revolutionized how athletes train. His holistic approach to performance enhancement and injury prevention has made him a sought-after expert worldwide, contributing to his role as an advisor for prestigious organizations and training top athletes across various sports.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to buy any special equipment?
    No, the program is designed to be effective with little to no equipment.
  • Is this program suitable for all sports?
    Yes, it's crafted to enhance athletic performance across a diverse range of sports.
  • How do I get started?
    Contact to book your team's introductory Zoom session.

Don't let the current global situation set your team back. Invest in "Winning in a World Without Barbells" today and propel your athletes towards greatness, no matter the circumstances.