WING-T OFFENSE - Hayden Kansas


WING-T OFFENSE - Hayden Kansas

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Key Features and Benefits of the WING-T OFFENSE System

  • Proven Success: Learn from Coach Bill Arnold, a state champion with a 157-game winning record.
  • Adaptable System: The Wing-T is versatile, fitting any type of player without needing to change the offense based on talent fluctuations.
  • Inclusive Player Utilization: Keeps the entire team engaged by effectively using numerous players in various roles.
  • Resilience Through Injuries: No key player? No problem. The system allows for easy adaptation to injuries.
  • Difficult to Defend: With its unique approach, opponents struggle to prepare against the Wing-T, having only a few days to get their defense ready.
  • Clock Control: Maintains possession to help your defense by reducing their time on the field and controlling the game tempo.
  • Cold Weather Advantage: In adverse weather conditions where passing games suffer, the Wing-T shines, keeping the ground game strong.
  • Comprehensive Training Material: Includes game film analysis, strategic planning sessions, and detailed breakdowns of key plays like Buck Sweep, Guard Trap, and the POWER SERIES.

Why Choose the WING-T OFFENSE System?

The Wing-T Offense isn't just a set of plays; it's a comprehensive system designed for consistent success regardless of the talent level year over year. Whether facing injuries or a less experienced team, this system provides the tools to adapt and overcome. Perfect for high school football coaches looking to improve their offensive strategy and win more games, even under challenging circumstances.

What You'll Learn from Coach Bill Arnold

  • Strategic Adaptability: Adjusting offensive strategies to fit your team's current roster without losing effectiveness.
  • Engagement and Utilization: How to keep every player involved and optimize the team's overall performance.
  • Defensive Preparation: Strategies for keeping your defense fresh and ready by controlling the game's pace and clock.
  • Advanced Playbook: Unlock a variety of plays that can break through even the toughest defenses, including specialized plays for difficult weather conditions.


  • Is the WING-T OFFENSE suitable for any high school team?
    Yes, the Wing-T Offense is designed to be adaptable to any team's strengths and weaknesses, making it a perfect fit for all high school teams.
  • Can this system be implemented mid-season?
    While it's most effective when introduced in pre-season, the principles and plays can be gradually incorporated into existing strategies even mid-season.
  • Do I need specialized players to run the WING-T OFFENSE?
    No, one of the system's strengths is its ability to utilize players of varying skills and sizes effectively.