Wing-T Complete Belly Series


Wing-T Complete Belly Series

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Transform Your Team's Performance

  • Proven Success: Leverage the strategies that led to 21 State Finals appearances in 23 years, including 16 State Championships, a 47-game win streak, and 6 undefeated seasons.
  • Expert Coaching: Learn directly from Head Coach Alex Rotsko, who brings over 40 years of coaching experience at both high school and college levels.
  • Comprehensive Training: Gain access to a series of lectures covering every aspect of the belly plays, training your team to be flexible and effective in their roles.
  • Flexible Play System: Master the 3-digit numbering system designed to simplify play calling and execution for the team.
  • Enhanced Team Coordination: Improve your fake jet/rocket and blocking techniques to run multiple formations seamlessly.
  • Exclusive Insights: Benefit from Coach Rotsko’s invaluable tips on fold drills, splits, brown jet, reads, and floods to refine your gameplay.

Why Choose Wing-T Complete Belly Series?

  • Unmatched Record of Success: Emulate the strategies of a coach with 16 state titles, 5 Runner-ups in 23 years, and an impressive record at Marshwood with 6 State Championships in 8 years.
  • Detailed Play Analysis: Dive deep into game films and strategic plays with detailed lectures covering various aspects of the belly game for thorough understanding and application.
  • Flexible and Generous Role Training: Equip your backs (fullback, halfback, wingback) with the skills to adapt to multiple roles and formations, maximizing their impact on the field.
  • Accessible Learning: Start your journey with a free introduction video to get a taste of the comprehensive knowledge and strategies awaiting you in the full series.


Who can benefit from the Wing-T Complete Belly Series?

High school and college football coaches looking to significantly improve their team’s performance and strategy on the field will find this series invaluable.

How does the 3-digit numbering system work?

The 3-digit numbering system simplifies play calls by identifying the play series, ball carrier, and aiming point, making it easier for players to execute complex plays accurately.

Is this series suitable for teams at any skill level?

Yes, teams of varying skill levels can benefit from the strategies discussed in the series, as it covers fundamental techniques to advanced gameplays.