Wild Bunch - Speed, Power, and Deception in Youth Football


Wild Bunch - Speed, Power, and Deception in Youth Football

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Discover the Ultimate Football Coaching System

  • Exhaustive Content Coverage: From the essential trio of speed, power, and deception, to the intricacies of the Wild Bunch system mechanics.
  • Comprehensive Tactics and Strategies: Learn about the Fly Sweep Series, Bunch, Run & Shoot, Air Raid Passing, and how to effectively incorporate deception in your game plan.
  • Paradoxical Logic Explained: Gain insights into the unique, paradoxical logic behind Wild Bunch Football that sets it apart.
  • Included Bonus Materials: Receive a preview and complete video of the Wild Bunch Clinic along with invaluable clinic notes to deepen your understanding and application of the concepts discussed.
  • Expertise and Experience: Benefit from the extensive coaching and consulting experience of Coach Seay, with an illustrious career spanning youth to semi-pro levels across the globe.

Why "Wild Bunch" is a Game-Changer

  • Innovative Approach: The Wild Bunch system introduces an innovative approach to youth football, emphasizing speed, power, and deception to outmaneuver opponents.
  • Real-World Success: Proven on the field, with Coach Seay's Wild Bunch offense leading the Gloucester County Generals to a 9-2 record and a division win.
  • Global Expertise: Coach Seay's international coaching and consulting experience brings a wide-ranging perspective and proven tactics from around the world.
  • Accessible to All: Whether you're coaching at the youth, high school, or semi-pro level, the principles of the Wild Bunch can elevate your team's performance.
  • Comprehensive Support Materials: With the included clinic preview, complete video, and detailed notes, coaches have everything they need to implement the Wild Bunch system.


  • Is the "Wild Bunch" system suitable for beginner coaches?
    Yes, the Wild Bunch system is designed to be accessible to coaches at all levels, with comprehensive materials that guide you through every aspect of implementation.
  • Can these techniques be applied to other levels of football?
    Absolutely. While focused on youth football, the principles of speed, power, and deception are universal and can be adapted to higher levels of play.
  • What makes the Wild Bunch system unique?
    Its emphasis on an innovative combination of speed, power, and deception, backed by the extensive, real-world coaching experience of Coach Seay, sets it apart.
  • How can I access the Wild Bunch Clinic materials?
    The materials are included with the "Wild Bunch" package, offering immediate access to the clinic preview, video, and notes for comprehensive learning.