Why Smoke and Mirrors


Why Smoke and Mirrors

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Key Features of the Smoke and Mirrors RPO Wing-T

  • Simplify Your Offense: Utilize over 200 easy-to-remember shotgun formations that focus on 6 core run plays.
  • Complicate Defense Strategies: Formations designed to outflank defenses, create mismatches, and put key defensive players in difficult positions.
  • Reduce Penalties: Proven system with only 2 penalties for misalignment in 4 years, ensuring smooth and efficient gameplay.
  • Adaptable System: The Smoke and Mirrors RPO Wing-T can be easily integrated into almost any offensive strategy and situation.
  • Comprehensive Learning Material: Includes downloadable, printable PDFs of all formations (268 slides total) for easy learning and implementation.

Benefits of Implementing Smoke and Mirrors RPO Wing-T

  • Confuse and Slow Down Opponents: Make linebackers and secondary players hesitate, giving your team the upper hand.
  • Maximize Practice Efficiency: Focus more on execution rather than learning complex plays, with 73% of the offense comprising 6 run plays.
  • Level the Playing Field: Gives teams with smaller linemen and slower backs a competitive edge.
  • Boost Team Confidence and Community Support: Implementing a system with a proven track record of increasing points and winning games.

Why Choose Scott Meadows' System?

Under the guidance of Tennessee State Champion Scott Meadows, teams experience transformative success. With a coaching career spanning 19 years and a record of making 15 playoff appearances across different classifications, Meadows' methods are battle-tested and proven to produce results. Whether revitalizing a team or enhancing an already successful program, the Smoke and Mirrors RPO Wing-T is your roadmap to offensive dominance.


  • Can the Smoke and Mirrors RPO Wing-T be adapted to any team size or skill level?
    Yes, this system is designed to be flexible and can be adapted to various team sizes and skill levels.
  • How quickly can a team implement this system?
    Implementation time varies, but teams can start seeing improvements in practice efficiency and game performance within a few weeks of consistent practice and study.
  • Are there any prerequisites for adopting this offensive system?
    No specific prerequisites are required, but a commitment to learning and adapting the system to fit your team's needs is crucial for success.