Why Pistol instead of Shotgun or Under Center


Why Pistol instead of Shotgun or Under Center

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Transform Your Football Strategy

  • Comprehensive Guide: Detailed breakdown of the Pistol formation versus the Shotgun or Under Center, giving you insights into modern football strategies.
  • Expert Insights: Learn from Coach Rick Stewart, a seasoned football coach with over 27 years of experience and a remarkable track record of turning teams around.
  • Free Segments: Access several free talk segments, including "Why not Under Center?" and "Pistol vs Shotgun", to get a taste of the tactical depth offered.
  • Real Game Applications: Includes game film analysis segments like "Game Film - Buck Sweep" and "Game Film - Power", showing you practical applications of the strategies discussed.
  • Dual Threat Offense: Discover the benefits of the Pistol formation in creating a versatile offense that can adapt to any defense.
  • Pre and Post-Snap Reads: Enhance your team's ability to make intelligent decisions on the field with Stewart’s guidance on pre-snap and post-snap reads.

Why Choose Coach Rick Stewart's Strategy?

  • Proven Success: Stewart has led multiple teams to significant turnarounds, reaching playoffs and breaking losing streaks, demonstrating the effectiveness of his coaching methods.
  • Detailed Analysis: Beyond just the "why", Stewart provides an in-depth look at "how" to implement these strategies effectively through game film analysis and practical examples.
  • Accessible Learning: With a mix of free and premium content, coaches at all levels can access valuable insights and start implementing winning strategies immediately.
  • Versatile Coaching Experience: Drawing from his vast experience in coaching both football and basketball, Stewart's methods are refined, adaptable, and proven across various team sports.


  • Is this series suitable for new coaches? Absolutely! Coach Rick Stewart’s talk is designed to cater to both seasoned and new coaches wanting to enhance their tactical knowledge.
  • How can I access the full series? Visit Coach Rick Stewart's ALL ACCESS COACHING platform for full access and more resources to take your coaching to the next level.
  • Can I apply these strategies to high school football? Yes, Stewart's strategies are applicable and have been proven successful at the high school level and beyond.