Utilizing the Fullback and TE in the NDSU Offense.


Utilizing the Fullback and TE in the NDSU Offense.

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Unlock the Secrets to a High-Scoring Offense

Learn directly from Coach Tyler Roehl, the brains behind North Dakota State University's explosive offense, on how to effectively incorporate the fullback and tight end positions to dominate the field. This comprehensive guide is part of the esteemed Position Coach School - TE Edition Bundle, promising to elevate your game strategy to new heights.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Exclusive Insights from an All-American Coach: Benefit from Coach Roehl's extensive experience as both a celebrated player and a successful coach, including his transformative role as NDSU's offensive coordinator.
  • Step-by-Step Instructional Content: Dive deep into tactics with detailed breakdowns of Fullback/TE Isolation and Power/Kickout plays, including drills and film analysis to refine your execution.
  • Proven Offensive Strategies: Adopt the high-scoring strategies that led NDSU to become one of the most explosive offensive teams in the nation under Coach Roehl’s direction.
  • Interactive Learning Experience: Engage with the material through comprehensive Q&A sessions, offering personalized insights and clarifications to ensure a thorough understanding.
  • Access to Elite Coaching Pedigree: Leverage Coach Roehl's expertise in developing NFL-caliber talent, including All-American fullbacks and all-conference tight ends, to identify and nurture your own players’ potential.

Transform Your Playbook Today

Whether you're looking to revamp your offense or refine your use of the fullback and tight end positions, this guide offers all the tools you need for success. With detailed instructions, proven strategies, and interactive elements, you're on your way to leading one of the most dynamic offenses in the game.


Who is this guide designed for?

This guide is ideal for coaches and players at all levels seeking to enhance their offensive strategies by incorporating effective use of the fullback and tight end positions.

Do I need to have previous knowledge of the NDSU offense to benefit?

No, this guide provides comprehensive insights and instructions suitable for anyone interested in improving their offensive playbook, regardless of prior familiarity with NDSU's strategies.

How can I apply these strategies to my team?

The guide includes practical drills, film analysis, and Q&A sessions designed to facilitate the direct application of strategies to your team's training and gameplay.