Utilizing Mesh, Pick Routes & Man Beaters for Red Zone & Goal-Line in the Spread Off


Utilizing Mesh, Pick Routes & Man Beaters for Red Zone & Goal-Line in the Spread Off

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Transform Your Approach with Mesh, Pick Routes & Man Beaters

  • Beat Man Coverage: Learn how to effectively use Mesh and Rub routes to confuse defenses and capitalize on man coverage near the goal line.
  • Maximize Quarterback Potential: Discover why the quarterback is the most dangerous runner on the field and how to use this to your advantage.
  • Counter Defensive Blitzes: Strategies for attacking Bear and Double Eagle Goal Line Fronts with innovative plays.
  • Enhanced Blocking Schemes: Utilize two tight ends and defensive linemen as extra blockers to fortify your offensive line.
  • High-Yielding Trick Plays: Gain exclusive access to trick plays designed to outsmart the defense on critical downs.
  • Comprehensive Video Analysis: Benefit from detailed game film analysis to understand the practical application of these concepts.
  • Proven Success: Leverage strategies from Coach McManus' MACATTACK offense that led to four consecutive state titles and impressive scoring averages.
  • Downloadable Resources: Get a Powerpoint of Goal Line Passes to easily integrate these strategies into your playbook.

Features & Benefits

  • Expert Guidance: Coach McManus brings over 12 years of college coaching experience and a record of high school success to this comprehensive guide.
  • State Championship Insights: Learn from strategies that contributed to a 55-5 record and four state championships at South Pointe High School.
  • Offensive Excellence: Embrace an offensive philosophy that has consistently averaged over 40 points per game across three seasons.
  • All-State Quarterbacks: Understand the training and strategies that have produced All-State or All-American quarterbacks for four consecutive years.


  • Is this strategy applicable to all levels of football?
    Yes, the principles and strategies outlined by Coach McManus are adaptable to various levels of football, from high school to college.
  • Can these strategies be integrated into any offensive system?
    While designed for the spread offense, these tactics can be modified to fit a variety of offensive systems.
  • How quickly can I see improvements in my team's performance?
    With commitment to practice and proper implementation, teams can start to see improvements in their red zone and goal-line offense within a few weeks.