Use Your Base Offensive Pass Menu to Win In The Red Zone


Use Your Base Offensive Pass Menu to Win In The Red Zone

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Transform Your Red Zone Offense

  • Red Zone Bracket Beater: Utilize our base offensive menu to exploit weaknesses in the red zone.
  • Streamlined Quarterback Progression: Simplified progression makes decision-making easy for your QB, focusing on accuracy as windows shrink.
  • Effective WR Tagging: Tag outside WRs with Digs to target the undefended zones, increasing touchdown opportunities.
  • Consistent Protection Scheme: Carry over your base protection to the red zone for reliable offensive execution.
  • Strategic Play Thinking: Emphasize thinking players over plays, with a special focus on using the RB effectively.
  • Endzone Precision: Highlight the least defended areas of the endzone to maximize scoring chances.
  • Red Zone Reminders: Includes crucial tips to avoid penalties, drops, and sacks, ensuring optimal play close to the endzone.

Learn from a Veteran Coach

  • Extensive Coaching Experience: Coach Acosta brings 19 years of coaching knowledge from high school to the NFL.
  • Proven Offensive Success: Demonstrated ability to improve offensive performance, set records, and develop NFL-level talent.
  • Comprehensive Playbook: Access to Coach Acosta's Red Zone Philosophy, diagrams, teach tape, and full cut-ups for in-depth learning.

Benefits of Implementing Coach Acosta's Strategies

  • Increased Scoring Opportunities: Specifically designed plays to exploit red zone defenses.
  • Improved QB Decision Making: Clear, effective quarterback progression under pressure.
  • Enhanced Receiver Performance: Techniques for WRs to beat man-to-man coverage and find space in tight zones.
  • Overall Offensive Efficiency: Strategies that lead to fewer penalties, turnovers, and missed opportunities.


  • Is this strategy suitable for all levels of play?
    Yes, Coach Acosta's strategies are versatile and can be adapted for high school, college, and professional teams.
  • How can I access the full course?
    The full course, including all diagrams and teach tapes, is available for immediate download upon purchase.
  • Will this help my team if we struggle in the red zone?
    Absolutely. These strategies are designed to overcome common red zone challenges and increase your team's scoring efficiency.