UNSTOPPABLE: Coach Kelley`s 2pt Plays


UNSTOPPABLE: Coach Kelley`s 2pt Plays

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Unlock the Secrets to Scoring Success

  • Exclusive Content: Dive deep into Coach Kelley's innovative 2pt conversion philosophy with over an hour of detailed presentations.
  • Free Access to Key Segments: Gain immediate insight with free access to introductory philosophy, statistics, and sprintouts content.
  • Comprehensive 2pt Guide: Learn exactly when to go for one or two points, bolstering your decision-making skills in crucial moments.
  • Wide Variety of Plays: Explore a range of strategies including RPO short yardage plays, play-action, bunch sets, trick plays, misdirection, and more.
  • Proven Success: Benefit from Coach Kelley's 18-year tenure as a head coach with an impressive record of 216-29-1, including 9 state championships.
  • Nationally Recognized: Learn from the USA Today National Coach of the Year and gain insights featured on HBO Real Sports and a 30 for 30 Short.

Why Choose "UNSTOPPABLE: Coach Kelley's 2pt Plays"?

Whether you're a coach looking to enhance your team's scoring capabilities or a football enthusiast eager to understand the intricacies of 2pt conversions, this presentation is your gateway to mastering the art. With Coach Kelley's unparalleled success and innovative approach, you'll be equipped with strategies that have been tested and proven on the field. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best in the game.


  • Who is Coach Kelley? Coach Kelley is a highly acclaimed football coach with a record of 216-29-1, known for his innovative strategies and success at Pulaski Academy HS.
  • What will I learn from this presentation? You'll learn Coach Kelley's unique philosophy on 2pt conversions, his best plays for those situations, and when to opt for 1 or 2 points.
  • Is there any free content available? Yes, the presentation includes free segments on Coach Kelley's 2pt philosophy, statistics, and sprintouts.
  • How can I access the full presentation? The entire program will be released in a series of videos on CoachTube for easy access and learning.