UCLA Defense - Creating a Defensive Culture


UCLA Defense - Creating a Defensive Culture

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Unlock the Secrets to a Dominant Defense

Discover the art of building a formidable defensive team with our exclusive course led by UCLA Bruins' head coach, Mick Cronin. With a focus on fundamentals, adaptability, and effective communication, this course offers unparalleled insights into creating a defensive culture that intimidates and outperforms. Mick Cronin, awarded the Pac-12 Coach of the Year, shares the very techniques that propelled UCLA to the forefront of college basketball defense.

Course Highlights

  • Comprehensive breakdown of defensive fundamentals and how to pick them.
  • Season planning guide to integrate defense into your program.
  • Adapting strategies to individual player skills for a more robust team defense.
  • Exclusive access to drills focusing on communication, balance, and guarding, including specific drills used by UCLA.
  • Free lessons on pressing, communication, and maintaining the balance between defense and offense.
  • Expert analysis on playing zone defense, keys to match-up zone, and countering offensive actions.

Why Choose This Course?

With Mick Cronin's proven track record, including leading the UCLA Bruins to repeated NCAA Tournament appearances and earning the title of Pac-12 Coach of the Year, this course is your ticket to elevating your team's defensive game. Whether you're a high school coach looking to press your advantage or a college coach aiming for the NCAA, these insights from a top-tier coach are invaluable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course suitable for all coaching levels?
Absolutely! Whether you're just starting out or have years of experience, the techniques and principles shared are adaptable to all levels.

How long do I have access to the course materials?
Enrollment grants you lifetime access to the course materials, including any future updates.

Can I access the course from anywhere?
Yes, with our online platform, you can access the course from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Are there any prerequisites for this course?
No, this course is designed to be comprehensive and accessible, regardless of your previous coaching experience.