Triphasic High school Football Coaches Certification


Triphasic High school Football Coaches Certification

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Unlock the Secrets of Speed and Strength Training

  • Comprehensive 18-Week Program: Dive into a meticulously crafted 18-week journey, guiding you from warm-ups, through ankle rocker drills, into advanced speed training and agility, culminating in a lifting progression for peak performance.
  • Triphasic Training Approach: Master the art of triphasic training, a cutting-edge method focusing on eccentric, isometric, and concentric movements to drastically enhance athlete speed and strength.
  • Step-by-Step Coaching Guides: Gain access to invaluable coaching points for over 100 exercises, detailed with precision to ensure you can deliver effective and accurate instruction.
  • Elite Athletic Performance: Equip your athletes with the skills to achieve dramatic speed improvements, leveraging the same strategies used by top athletes and teams around the world.
  • Developed by Cal Dietz: Learn from the insights and methodologies of Cal Dietz, a renowned Strength and Conditioning coach with a proven track record of success across multiple sports at the University of Minnesota.

Benefits That Set You Apart

  • Raise Performance Ceilings: The course not only aims to improve physical attributes but also focuses on optimizing speed and skill, ensuring athletes can perform at their highest level without the risk of burnout.
  • Exclusive Access to Elite Programs: Get free access to elite strength and conditioning programs, including the GOAT Performance Drill series for performance enhancement in a team setting.
  • Customizable Training Plans: With a comprehensive sample annual plan and insights into performance pattern cycling, tailor your training methodologies to fit the unique needs of your athletes.
  • Recognition and Certification: Upon completion, receive a certification in Triphasic football coaching, affirming your expertise and dedication to advancing your coaching career and athlete development.

Why Choose Triphasic High School Football Coaches Certification?

This certification is more than just a training program; it's an investment in your career and the future of your athletes. By embracing the triphasic training method, you're not just improving performance; you're fostering an environment where athletes can thrive, push their limits, and achieve greatness. Whether you're looking to enhance your coaching credentials, elevate your team's performance, or stay ahead of the curve in athletic training methodologies, this certification is your gateway to success.


  • Who is this certification for? High school football coaches seeking to expand their knowledge and expertise in advanced speed and strength training methodologies.
  • How long does the certification take? The program spans 18 weeks, covering various phases of training with detailed coaching points and progressions.
  • Do I need any prior certification to enroll? While prior coaching experience is beneficial, the course is designed to accommodate coaches at varying levels of experience.
  • What outcomes can I expect after completing the certification? Enhanced coaching skills, superior athlete performance, and the ability to implement a comprehensive, scientifically-backed training program.