Trick or Treat: A Collection of Trick & Gadget Plays That Work


Trick or Treat: A Collection of Trick & Gadget Plays That Work

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The Ultimate Playbook for Innovative Coaches

Are you ready to transform your football team's offense into an unstoppable force? Coach Rick Darlington, with his remarkable track record and innovative single-wing based offense, shares his secrets in "Trick or Treat: A Collection of Trick & Gadget Plays That Work". This course is not just any playbook; it's a treasure trove of proven trick and gadget plays that have been battle-tested on the field.

Why Choose "Trick or Treat" for Your Team?

  • Proven Success: With over 6,000 yards of rushing in a single season, these plays are not just creative; they're effective.
  • Exclusive Insights: Gain access to Coach Darlington's film vault, showcasing the effectiveness of each play with real-game footage.
  • Variety of Plays: From Razorback Free to Swinging Gate, this course covers a wide range of plays ensuring you have the right trick for any situation.
  • Legendary Coach: Learn from Rick Darlington, a coach with a 179-62 record, three state championships, and numerous accolades including Athlon Florida Coach of the Year.
  • For All Levels: Whether you're coaching a high school team or a seasoned professional, these plays can be adapted and customized to fit your team's needs.
  • Boost Your Offense: Transform your traditional ground and pound offense with plays that add an element of surprise and fun, keeping your opponents guessing.

Transform Your Team's Offensive Strategy Today

With "Trick or Treat: A Collection of Trick & Gadget Plays That Work", you're not just learning new plays; you're adopting a mindset of creativity and adaptability that will set your team apart. Embrace the opportunity to learn from one of the most innovative minds in football and watch your team's performance soar. Secure your copy now and take the first step towards offensive dominance!


  • Is this course suitable for new coaches? Absolutely! Coach Darlington's playbook is designed for coaches at all levels, offering step-by-step guidance on each play.
  • How can I access the film vault? Upon purchase of the course, you will receive exclusive access to Coach Darlington's film vault, where you can see each play in action.
  • Can these plays be adapted to different offensive styles? Yes, while the plays are based on a single-wing offense, they can be tailored to complement various offensive strategies.
  • Are these plays only for high-scoring games? While the plays are designed to maximize scoring opportunities, they are versatile enough to be used in any game situation to gain a strategic advantage.