Transition from Under Center to Shotgun


Transition from Under Center to Shotgun

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Revolutionize Your Game Plan

  • Extensive Winning Record: Leverage strategies from a coach with 16 STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS, 264 wins, including 6 undefeated seasons and a 47-game win streak.
  • Proven Techniques: Master the Shotgun under Wing-T Philosophy with detailed coaching points from Head Coach Alex Rotsko.
  • Enhanced OL Performance: Improve your Offensive Lines with targeted practice in Shotgun football snap and downfield attacks.

Boost Your Offensive Strategy

  • Comprehensive Training Modules: From tackling stations to one-on-one drills, enhance your team's skillset across the board.
  • Strategic Reads Practice: Special focus on centers, quarterbacks, and tailbacks to sharpen decision-making and execution.
  • Dynamic Play Options: Introduce more run plays with QB, reducing men inside the box, and unlock the potential for impactful fakes.

Maximize Your Passing Game

  • Pass Game Enhancement: Discover the advantages of the Shotgun formation for a more effective passing game.
  • Diverse Offensive Schemes: Access a wide array of formations and plays designed to outmaneuver your opponents.
  • Expert Insights: Learn from Coach Rotsko's 40+ years of coaching experience at high school and college levels.

What's Included

  • A comprehensive guide to transitioning to the Shotgun formation, covering everything from basics to advanced tactics.
  • Exclusive video content, including game film analysis, to provide real-world applications of the strategies discussed.
  • Interactive Q&A sessions to address your specific concerns and curiosities about adopting the Shotgun formation.

Why Choose "Transition from Under Center to Shotgun"?

With an unparalleled track record of success, including 16 state championships and a 47-game win streak, Coach Alex Rotsko shares the strategies that have made his teams formidable on the field. This course is not just about adopting a new formation; it's about transforming your team's offensive strategy to be more dynamic, unpredictable, and effective against any defense.


  • Is this course suitable for all coaching levels?
    Yes, whether you're a seasoned coach or just starting out, this course provides valuable insights and practices that can be tailored to your team's level.
  • How will this course improve my team's performance?
    By focusing on the fundamentals of the Shotgun formation and providing advanced tactics and strategies, your team will gain versatility, agility, and a competitive edge on the field.
  • Can I access the course content anytime?
    Yes, once you enroll in the course, you can access the content anytime to review strategies, game films, and coaching tips at your own pace.