Tournament Series Tetherball Set


Tournament Series Tetherball Set

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Take Your Backyard Game to the Next Level with the Tournament Series Tetherball Set!

Looking to add some competitive fun to your backyard or park? The Tournament Series Tetherball Set is the perfect way to get your heart racing and your friends and family laughing. This high-quality set is built to last, so you can enjoy years of tetherball battles.

<h3>Built for Serious Play</h3>

The Tournament Series Tetherball Set isn't your average backyard game. Here's why:

  • Official Size Rubber Tetherball: Experience the satisfying smack and smooth rotation of a regulation tetherball.
  • Durable Nylon Rope: Forget about frayed or snapped ropes. This 102-inch nylon rope can handle even the most powerful hits.
  • Adjustable Steel Poles: Three telescoping steel poles adjust to the perfect height for players of all sizes, ensuring a fair and fun game for everyone.
  • Secure Ground Sleeves: The 12-inch ground sleeves keep the tetherball pole firmly in place, no matter how intense the match gets.

This complete set includes everything you need to start playing right away, including a pump, needle, carrying bag, and easy-to-follow instructions.

<h3>Unleash the Fun!</h3>

Tetherball is a fast-paced and exciting game that's perfect for people of all ages and skill levels. It's a great way to:

  • Get some exercise and fresh air.
  • Bond with friends and family.
  • Improve your hand-eye coordination and reflexes.
  • Add some friendly competition to your next gathering.

Whether you're a seasoned tetherball pro or a complete beginner, the Tournament Series Tetherball Set is sure to provide hours of entertainment.

Ready to serve up some fun? Order your Tournament Series Tetherball Set today!


  • Q: How easy is it to assemble the tetherball set?

A: The Tournament Series Tetherball Set is very easy to assemble. The telescoping poles and ground sleeves come pre-drilled, and all the necessary hardware is included. The included instructions provide clear and concise steps for quick setup.

  • Q: Can this set be left outside?

A: The steel poles, nylon rope, and rubber tetherball are all weatherproof and can be left outside. However, we recommend storing the ground sleeves and carrying bag indoors when not in use.

  • Q: What is the weight limit for the tetherball set?

A: The Tournament Series Tetherball Set is designed for recreational use and can support players of all typical weights.