Total Speed Development by Brian Kula


Total Speed Development by Brian Kula

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Are you ready to elevate your athletic performance and speed to new heights? Discover the transformative power of Total Speed Development by Brian Kula, a comprehensive training program designed for athletes dedicated to achieving excellence.

Why Total Speed Development Stands Out

  • Proven Success: Crafted by Brian Kula, a coach with over 22 years of experience and a track record of developing National Champions, All-Americans, and Gatorade Players of the Year.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Features an extensive list of modules covering everything from foundational training to advanced speed and agility workouts, ensuring a well-rounded approach to speed development.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from Coach Kula's vast experience, including his tenure as a head track coach, athletic director, and strength and conditioning advisor, culminating in numerous championships and records.
  • Elite Athlete Endorsements: Trusted by top athletes, including NFL Draft Picks and record-holding collegiate athletes, proving the effectiveness of this elite training program.
  • Accessible Training: Includes a mix of free and premium content, making elite speed training accessible to a wide range of athletes and coaches.

Transform Your Speed and Performance

Whether you're a budding high school athlete or a seasoned professional, Total Speed Development by Brian Kula offers a tailored approach to enhancing your speed, agility, and overall athletic performance. Embrace the opportunity to train like a champion under the guidance of one of the most respected coaches in the athletic world.

Key Benefits of Total Speed Development

  • Maximized Potential: Unlock your full athletic capabilities through targeted training techniques proven to increase speed and agility.
  • Expert-Led Training: Receive guidance from a seasoned coach who has successfully nurtured athletes at all levels, from youth to professionals.
  • Comprehensive Approach: Gain access to a holistic training program that emphasizes strength, speed, agility, and recovery, ensuring balanced development.
  • Proven Techniques: Implement training strategies that have led to record-breaking performances and championships across various sports disciplines.
  • Community and Support: Join a community of dedicated athletes and coaches, fostering an environment of motivation and shared success.


Who is Total Speed Development for?

It's designed for athletes of all levels who are committed to improving their speed and overall athletic performance, from high school competitors to professional athletes.

Can beginners benefit from this program?

Absolutely. The program includes foundational elements that are perfect for athletes at the beginning of their speed development journey, offering scalable workouts as you progress.

How does Total Speed Development differ from other speed training programs?

It stands out due to Brian Kula's extensive experience and success in athlete development, the comprehensive nature of the training content, and the proven results of its methods with elite athletes.

Are there any prerequisites for starting the program?

No specific prerequisites, but a commitment to following the training schedule and applying the techniques learned is crucial for maximizing the benefits of the program.