The Triple Gun Empty Package


The Triple Gun Empty Package

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Unleash a Devastating Offensive Strategy

  • Comprehensive Playbook: Full complement of Runs and Passes that can overwhelm any Defense.
  • Versatile Tailback Utilization: Get the ball to your Tailback in a myriad of ways, keeping the defense guessing.
  • Strategic Formations and Motions: Utilize sweeps, options, QB Iso's, Draws, and Reverses effectively.
  • Extensive Game Footage: Benefit from Coach DeMeo's detailed play explanations with telestration and narration.
  • Perfect for Any Offense: Easily integrates with ANY offense to enhance its effectiveness.

Why Choose The Triple Gun Empty Package?

  • Created by Tony DeMeo: Leverage the insights and strategies of a respected offensive innovator and seasoned coach.
  • Proven Success: Benefit from strategies that led to record-breaking seasons and numerous offensive achievements.
  • Easy Implementation: The package is designed for easy addition and adaptability to your existing offensive playbook.
  • Enhance Offensive Versatility: Force the defense to play both Run and Pass, making your offense unpredictable and more dangerous.

Experience Counts

With over 25 years of experience, Tony DeMeo has not only developed innovative offensive strategies but has also turned around college programs and led teams to record-breaking seasons. His expertise is encapsulated in The Triple Gun Empty Package, offering you the insights and strategies of a coaching legend.


  • How can The Triple Gun Empty Package benefit my team?
    It provides a diverse set of plays that can adapt to any defense, making your offense more dynamic and unpredictable.
  • Is The Triple Gun Empty Package suitable for high school football?
    Absolutely. The strategies and plays are designed to be adaptable for any level of football, including high school.
  • How difficult is it to implement this package into my current offense?
    The package is designed for ease of integration into any existing offensive playbook, with strategies that are straightforward to understand and execute.