The Smash Concept with Tags, Switch Routes, and Combo Calls


The Smash Concept with Tags, Switch Routes, and Combo Calls

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Master the art of football offense with Coach Jason Mohns as he reveals the secrets behind one of football's most effective passing strategies. This comprehensive course is designed to elevate your team's performance, ensuring you're ready to outmaneuver any defense you face.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive Breakdown: Detailed explanations of the Smash Concept, including mirrored smash concept, divide concept, smash combo calls, switch smash, sprint out, and double moves.
  • Expert Guidance: Learn from Coach Jason Mohns, a seasoned expert with a record of 97-12 and six consecutive State Championship titles.
  • Winning Strategies: Discover strategies that have led Coach Mohns to receive multiple coaching awards and recognition, including the Arizona Cardinals High School Football Coach of the Year.
  • In-depth Analysis: Gain insights into routes, progressions, and both pre and post-snap QB reads to enhance your gameplay.
  • Adaptable Techniques: Learn how to attack all coverages effectively with adaptable and versatile play calls.
  • Proven Success: Embrace tactics from a coach who has consistently achieved success and is recognized for his contribution to football coaching and community leadership.

Why Choose This Course?

Choosing "The Smash Concept with Tags, Switch Routes, and Combo Calls" means investing in your team's future success. The course's depth, from conceptual understanding to practical application, ensures your offense is versatile, unpredictable, and, most importantly, effective. With Coach Mohns' proven track record and the detailed breakdowns provided, you're not just learning a concept; you're adopting a winning strategy.

Who Should Enroll?

This course is ideal for football coaches at all levels who are looking to enhance their offensive playbook and outsmart their opponents. Whether you're leading a high school team or coaching at a higher level, the insights and tactics presented by Coach Mohns are invaluable for anyone serious about football strategy.


  • Who is Coach Jason Mohns?
    Coach Jason Mohns is a highly successful high school football coach with a record of 97-12, known for his offensive strategy and leadership, both on and off the field.
  • What will I learn in this course?
    You will learn the Smash Concept in detail, including various tactics and strategies to enhance your team's offensive game and effectively tackle any defense.
  • Is this course suitable for beginners?
    While the course is detailed and comprehensive, coaches with a basic understanding of football will find it incredibly beneficial. It's designed to elevate your knowledge, regardless of your starting point.
  • How can I apply these concepts to my team?
    The course provides practical examples and detailed explanations of how to implement these strategies in real-game scenarios, making it easier for you to adapt them to your team's playbook.