The Sally - Draw Play in the Wing T


The Sally - Draw Play in the Wing T

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Unlock the Secrets of an Effective Draw Play

Transform your football team's offensive strategy with The Sally - Draw Play in the Wing T, meticulously crafted by the award-winning Head Coach Tommy Gilleran. This comprehensive series is designed to elevate your team's play with expert insights into the Wing T offense, focusing on the draw play and its variations. Dive deep into the mechanics of effective blocking, scooping, fanning, and creating seamless plays that will leave the defense bewildered.

Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive Training Modules: From the basics of the Sally draw play to advanced blocking schemes, each module is packed with detailed instructions and strategies.
  • Exclusive Game Film Analysis: Learn directly from game films as Coach Gilleran breaks down the blocking schemes against various fronts, providing real-world examples of the Sally play in action.
  • Practice Tips & Techniques: Enhance your practice sessions with Coach Gilleran's insider tips on executing the Wing T offense to perfection.
  • Access to a Coaching Legend: Benefit from the wisdom of Tommy Gilleran, winner of the 2019 Gatorade Coaching Excellence Award and an Arkansas State Champion.
  • Flexible Learning: Whether you're introducing Sally to your team or looking to refine your strategy, this series caters to all levels of expertise.

Why Choose "The Sally - Draw Play in the Wing T"?

Investing in this series not only equips your team with a dynamic and unpredictable offense but also fosters a deeper understanding of the Wing T formation and its potential. With Coach Gilleran's guidance, unlock the full potential of your team's offense, making every game a testament to strategic excellence and innovation.


  • Is this series suitable for coaches at all levels?
    Yes, "The Sally - Draw Play in the Wing T" is designed for coaches of all experience levels, offering valuable insights for both novice and seasoned professionals.
  • Can these techniques be integrated into any offensive strategy?
    While specifically tailored for the Wing T offense, the principles and techniques covered can enhance any team's offensive playbook with appropriate adaptation.
  • How can I access the series?
    The series is available for purchase, providing instant access to all training modules and game film analysis upon completion of your order.