The Ram & Veer Action Playbook


The Ram & Veer Action Playbook

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Attention Coaches Everywhere!

Is your team struggling against teams that love to hard hedge or trap your ball screens? The solution is finally here with The Ram & Veer Action Playbook. Inspired by the tactics of the Golden State Warriors and the wisdom of Hall of Fame coach Chuck Daly, this playbook is your key to overcoming those aggressive defensive strategies.

Why You Need This Playbook

With defenses becoming increasingly sophisticated, having a versatile offense is crucial. The Ram & Veer Action Playbook introduces a dual-action strategy that defenses find impossible to counter. By implementing these actions, you enable your team to create openings, free up ball handlers, and give your screeners the chance to take clear shots. It's not just a playbook; it's a game changer.

What's Inside?

  • 118 Pages of Insightful Strategies: Comprehensive guidance to revolutionize your offensive game.
  • 44 Ram Plays: Diverse options to keep the defense guessing and your offense scoring.
  • 15 Veer Action & Wide Pin-down Plays: Maximize your screeners' effectiveness and open up the floor for your shooters.
  • 37 Drills: Perfectly designed to teach your team the Ram & Veer concepts quickly and efficiently.

Who Should Use This Playbook?

Whether you're a seasoned coach with over 20 years of experience or just starting, The Ram & Veer Action Playbook has something for everyone. From high school to collegiate levels, this playbook is a treasure trove of offensive strategies that will elevate your coaching and your team's performance.

Don't Miss This Opportunity

Transform your basketball offense with strategies that are proven to win championships. The Ram & Veer Action Playbook is more than just a playbook; it's a legacy of success, shared by a coach who has been in the trenches and knows what it takes to win. Make it yours today.


How quickly can I implement these plays?
With the included drills and comprehensive guidelines, you can start integrating these plays into your offense immediately.

Is this playbook suitable for youth teams?
Yes, the concepts are versatile enough for any level of play, from youth leagues to collegiate basketball.

Can this playbook help improve individual player performance?
Absolutely. While focusing on team offense, the drills and plays also enhance individual skills and decision-making.