The RADAR Method: Simplifying the RPO


The RADAR Method: Simplifying the RPO

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Why Choose The RADAR Method?

  • Simplifies the RPO Process: Makes it easier for quarterbacks to exploit defenses with both run and pass options.
  • Immediate Improvement: See a noticeable enhancement in your quarterback's ability to read defenses and make quicker decisions.
  • Minimize Mistakes: Drastically reduce errors on the field, allowing for a smoother offensive operation.
  • Maximize Big Play Potential: Unlock the full offensive potential of your team by optimizing quarterback play.
  • Streamlined Teaching Progression: A straightforward method designed by Rich Hargitt for easy implementation and quick mastery.

Rich Hargitt - The Mastermind Behind The RADAR Method

  • Extensive Coaching Experience: A seasoned football coach since 1999 with a track record of offensive success.
  • Proven Success: Led teams to record-breaking seasons using the Air Raid Offense, demonstrating an innovative approach to offensive football.
  • Comprehensive Knowledge: Author of multiple books and a renowned speaker on the Air Raid Offense, offering deep insights into offensive football strategies.
  • 24/7 Consulting Service: Co-founder of Surface to Air (S2A), providing around-the-clock coaching support across the globe.

Benefits of The RADAR Method

  • Enhanced Quarterback Performance: Directly impacts the efficiency and effectiveness of your quarterback on the field.
  • Offensive Versatility: Offers a diverse playbook that can adapt to any defensive scheme thrown your way.
  • Increased Scoring Opportunities: With improved quarterback decision-making, your team will find the end zone more often.
  • Competitive Edge: Implementing The RADAR Method sets your team apart, providing a unique offensive strategy that's hard to counter.

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  • Who can benefit from The RADAR Method?
    Any football team looking to improve their quarterback's performance and overall offensive strategy.
  • How quickly can I see results?
    Many users report seeing immediate improvements in quarterback decision-making and offensive fluidity after implementing The RADAR Method.
  • Is The RADAR Method suitable for all levels?
    Yes, The RADAR Method is designed for use at various levels of football, from high school to the collegiate level.