The Interview Packet (for football coaches)


The Interview Packet (for football coaches)

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Stand Out as a Candidate

  • Professional Presentation: Make a lasting impression on the hiring committee by providing them with a customized Interview Packet, demonstrating your dedication and professionalism.
  • Proven Success Record: Utilize a strategy that has secured head coaching positions at prestigious schools, proving its effectiveness.

Customizable for Maximum Impact

  • Personalized Content: Tailor the Interview Packet to address the specific needs and concerns of each school, showcasing your attentiveness and research skills.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: A thorough compilation that covers every aspect of your coaching vision and strategy, leaving no stone unturned.

Experience and Expertise

  • Diverse Coaching Background: Leverage insights from a career spanning various roles, including Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator, to enrich your Interview Packet.
  • Success Across Levels: Benefit from experiences at different schools and positions, offering a well-rounded perspective to potential employers.

Benefits of The Interview Packet

  • Increased Confidence: Walk into interviews prepared, knowing you have a powerful tool that sets you apart.
  • Better Preparation: Use the guide to conduct comprehensive research and prepare for any questions or challenges that might come your way.
  • Higher Success Rate: Join the ranks of coaches who have successfully landed their dream jobs with the help of The Interview Packet.


  • How do I customize the Interview Packet for different schools?
    Research each school's specific challenges and opportunities to tailor your packet, ensuring it directly addresses the needs of the hiring committee.
  • Can The Interview Packet be used for positions other than head coach?
    While designed for head coaching interviews, its principles and layout can be adapted for various coaching positions, highlighting your adaptability and comprehensive planning skills.
  • What makes The Interview Packet different from other interview preparation tools?
    Its proven success rate, combined with a focus on customization and comprehensive coverage, sets it apart from generic preparation materials, offering a personalized and targeted approach.