The High / Low Offensive Playbook


The High / Low Offensive Playbook

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Grab the Attention

Are you ready to revolutionize your basketball team's performance? With the High/Low Action Playbook, watch your team outsmart and outplay the competition, game after game. Transform your approach and make every possession count!

Build Interest with Features

Designed for coaches who demand excellence and innovation, the High/Low Offensive Playbook is packed with 409 pages of strategies, plays, and drills guaranteed to elevate your team's offensive game. Here’s what makes this playbook unparalleled:

  • Kansas 3-Out-2 In Continuity Offense: A proven structure that frees up space and maximizes scoring opportunities.
  • 3 Different Continuity Actions & 16 Separate Counter Plays: Keep your offense dynamic and unpredictable.
  • 18 Different Entry Plays: Masterfully disguise your action with false motion, seamlessly transitioning into your high/low offense.
  • Over 60 High-Low Plays: A vast array of options to exploit any defense.
  • Over 150 Breakdown Drills: Perfect your high-low offense with targeted drills for every aspect of your game.

Create Desire

Imagine leading a team that's not just competitive, but dominant. A team that leverages the strength of its post players, confounding defenses and capturing victories. With the High/Low Offensive Playbook, that vision becomes reality. Created by a seasoned coach with over 20 years of experience at various levels, this playbook is your key to unlocking a potent, high-scoring offense. Isn't it time your team became the envy of your league?


Don't let another game go by relying on the same old tactics. Embrace innovation, strategy, and success. Visit NextPlayHoops today to get your copy of the High/Low Offensive Playbook and start transforming your team into the powerhouse you know they can be. Act now—your next championship season begins today!


Who is this playbook for?
Coaches at all levels who want to improve their team's offensive performance, from seasoned veterans to those just starting their coaching journey.

Can this playbook be integrated into any offense?
Absolutely! The High/Low offense is versatile and can be adapted to complement any team's existing strategy.

How soon can I see results from implementing these strategies?
With dedication to the drills and plays outlined, teams can begin to see improvements in spacing, scoring opportunities, and overall offensive efficiency within a few weeks.