The Basics of Defense


The Basics of Defense

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Discover the Winning Edge

Unlock the secrets to a formidable defense with Coach Dennis Hill’s comprehensive guide, "The Basics of Defense". With decades of experience, Coach Hill delivers an all-encompassing approach to defensive football, ensuring your team is equipped with the knowledge and skills to dominate the field.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from Coach Dennis Hill, a seasoned varsity football coach with a proven track record of success, including a state championship appearance and a historic win in the Vermont North-South All-Star Game.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From linemen to defensive backs, every position is covered. Understand the responsibilities and techniques essential for each role to create an unbreakable defense.
  • Exclusive Drills: Access to unique drills, including Angle Tackling, Strip Ball/Tackling, and Shedding Blocks, provided for free within the guide, designed to elevate your team’s defensive skills.
  • Strategic Insights: Benefit from Coach Hill’s coaching philosophies, focusing on safe tackling techniques, dynamic warm-ups, and conditioning drills to keep your team in top shape.
  • Sportsmanship and Safety: Emphasize the importance of sportsmanship, equipment knowledge, safety, and hydration to ensure your players are not only effective on the field but also protected against injuries.

Why Choose "The Basics of Defense"?

With "The Basics of Defense", you’re not just learning defensive strategies; you’re adopting a comprehensive program designed to instill discipline, improve technique, and foster a winning mentality. Whether you’re coaching youth football or a seasoned varsity team, Coach Dennis Hill’s guide is your playbook to a successful season.


  • Is this guide suitable for beginners? Yes, "The Basics of Defense" is designed to cater to coaches and players at all levels, offering step-by-step instructions and drills that are easy to understand and implement.
  • How can I apply these techniques to my team? Each chapter of the guide comes with practical drills and tips that can be incorporated into your team’s training sessions, ensuring that the defensive strategies are effectively understood and executed.
  • Can this guide help improve individual player performance? Absolutely. While the guide focuses on team defense, the drills and techniques provided also emphasize individual skill development, making it an invaluable resource for player improvement.