The 4 Pillars of Performance: A Psychological Approach to Developing Your Program Philosophy


The 4 Pillars of Performance: A Psychological Approach to Developing Your Program Philosophy

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Discover the Secrets to Athletic Excellence

Are you looking to elevate your coaching methods? Kevin Hopkins, head coach at Muhlenberg University and former coaching coordinator for the Santa Cruz Warriors, shares his groundbreaking approach in "The 4 Pillars of Performance: A Psychological Approach to Developing Your Program Philosophy". This comprehensive guide is not just another coaching manual; it's a transformative journey through the psychological aspects of coaching, designed to redefine how you view performance, failure, and success.

Why Choose "The 4 Pillars of Performance"?

  • Proven Success: Authored by Kevin Hopkins, whose strategies have led to real-world success, including an NBA Development League Championship.
  • Innovative Approach: Introduces the Iceberg Illusion concept, offering a fresh perspective on performance evaluation.
  • Practical Techniques: Learn how to effectively redefine failure and use it as a stepping stone for improvement.
  • Comprehensive Framework: The CERT Model lays out a clear path for developing commitment, engagement, respect for knowledge, and trust within your team.
  • Engaging Content: Includes over 6 hours of insightful discussions, real-life examples, and Q&A recaps to solidify your understanding.


Who can benefit from "The 4 Pillars of Performance"?
This program is ideal for coaches at all levels who are eager to enhance their coaching philosophy and improve their team's performance, both on and off the field.

How is this program different from other coaching guides?
Unlike typical coaching manuals that focus on physical training and tactics, "The 4 Pillars of Performance" dives deep into the psychological components of coaching, offering a holistic approach to development.

Can I apply these principles to any sport?
Yes! While the author brings his experience from basketball, the principles outlined are universal and can be applied across all sports disciplines.

Is there any support material included with the program?
Yes, you will have access to video content, Q&A sessions, and a comprehensive recap that ensures you can easily apply what you've learned.

Take the First Step Towards Redefining Success

Join Kevin Hopkins and countless other coaches who have transformed their approach to coaching. With "The 4 Pillars of Performance", you're not just improving your coaching techniques; you're investing in the future of your program. Embrace this opportunity to redefine failure, foster commitment, and build a trusting, engaged team prepared to overcome any challenge.