Texas Slot-T Game Planning


Texas Slot-T Game Planning

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Transform Your Football Coaching Strategy

Discover the power of efficient game planning with "Texas Slot-T Game Planning" by Coach Alan Haire, a proven formula for leading your team to victory. Dive into the strategic mind of a Texas Football Coach of the Year and elevate your game preparation to new heights.

  • Comprehensive Staff Division Strategy: Learn how to effectively divide your coaching staff for optimal game preparation.
  • Mastering Tendencies: Gain insights into identifying opponent tendencies and personnel to tailor your game strategy.
  • Play Sheet Construction: Uncover the secrets to assembling a weekly play sheet that addresses key questions and scenarios.
  • Detailed Weekly Build: Access a day-by-day guide for building a winning game plan from Monday through Game Day.
  • Essential Game Day Preparation: Discover the essentials of preparing your team mentally and strategically right before the game begins.
  • Effective Game Review and Next Week Prep: Learn the best practices for game review, player development, and setting up the next week's preparation.
  • Ensuring Success in the Kicking Game: Find out the crucial strategies to dominate the kicking game.
  • Maximizing CORE Plays: Get strategies to ensure your core plays succeed on game day, regardless of the opponent’s defense.
  • Winning Time Management: Coach Haire shares his expertise on how to maximize your team’s time effectively to secure victory.

Why Coach Alan Haire?

With an illustrious career spanning decades, Coach Haire has transformed teams into playoff contenders and has been recognized as the Texas Football Coach of the Year. His approach to game planning, team preparation, and strategy execution has proven successful at both Lago Vista and Salado High School. By adopting his methodologies, you can lead your team to exceed its potential and achieve remarkable success.


  • Can this game planning strategy be adapted for teams outside of Texas?
    Yes, Coach Haire’s principles of game planning and preparation are universal and can be adapted to teams at various levels across the country.
  • Is this suitable for new coaches?
    Absolutely. This comprehensive guide offers valuable insights for both new and experienced coaches aiming to refine their game preparation strategies.
  • How can I implement these strategies with a limited coaching staff?
    Coach Haire’s methodology includes tips on effective staff division and maximizing the potential of each coach, making it suitable for teams with limited staff.