Tennessee - Circle Motion Offense (PDF + Clinic)


Tennessee - Circle Motion Offense (PDF + Clinic)

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Discover the Game-Changing Strategy

Imagine implementing an offense so powerful and adaptable that it becomes the core of your basketball program. The Tennessee Circle Motion Offense has transformed our game, making it more dynamic, fun, and most importantly, unstoppable. Crafted for coaches and teams dedicated to excellence, this comprehensive course, complete with PDF guides and an exclusive clinic, is your ticket to unlocking a higher level of play. Whether you're coaching a grade 7-12 school team or looking to deepen your tactical knowledge, this course is designed with your success in mind.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Easy to Teach: Simplified instructions make it straightforward to integrate into your team's playbook.
  • Interchangeable Positions: Promotes a versatile game strategy, allowing players to adapt quickly during play.
  • Spread Out Alignment: Maximizes court space, making it harder for defenses to predict and counter your plays.
  • Complex System Mastery: Evolve the offense from a set play to a comprehensive system through our step-by-step guide.
  • Bonus Implementation Checklist: Ensure a smooth transition with a phased approach to installing the Tennessee offense.
  • Exclusive Email Support: Get your questions answered within 24 hours by the course creator and experienced coach, ensuring your team's success.

What's Included?

Our course goes beyond the basics, offering an in-depth look at strategies, drills, and adjustments to keep your offense ahead of the competition. You'll receive:

  • An overview video and detailed lessons on every aspect of the Circle Motion Offense
  • Practical drills including the Tennessee Shooting and Deny drills to reinforce learning
  • Analysis of common pitfalls and how to avoid them, ensuring your team's success
  • Access to the Marc Hart Clinic, offering 49 minutes of expert coaching insights


  • Is this course suitable for beginners? Absolutely! The Tennessee Circle Motion Offense is designed to be accessible for teams and coaches at all levels.
  • How long will it take to see results? While results can vary, teams often begin to see improvements in their offense within a few weeks of consistent practice and implementation.
  • Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied? Yes, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you're not 100% happy with the course, we'll work with you to make it right.

Don't let another game slip away. Transform your team's offense with the Tennessee Circle Motion Offense course today!