Ten Things Football Coaches Get Wrong Coaching Speed and How to Fix It


Ten Things Football Coaches Get Wrong Coaching Speed and How to Fix It

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Discover the transformative insights in "Ten Things Football Coaches Get Wrong Coaching Speed and How to Fix It", a comprehensive guide designed for football coaches who are committed to improving their approach to coaching speed. This resource is packed with invaluable lessons, practical strategies, and the expertise of Brad Dixon, a seasoned football coach with a remarkable track record.

Top Features and Benefits

  • Expert Insights: Learn directly from Brad Dixon, who boasts an 81.6% winning percentage over nine years at Camp Point Central.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From neurological aspects to practice grind, get a holistic view on speed coaching.
  • Practical Solutions: Discover the Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR) method and how it can revolutionize your approach to coaching.
  • Success Proven Strategies: Implement strategies that contributed to five conference championships and numerous playoff appearances.
  • Immediate Access to Free Segments: Dive into free content segments to get a quick start on improving your coaching skills.
  • Enhanced Athletic Performance: Learn how to prioritize speed in every athlete, significantly impacting your football program's success.

Why Choose This Guide?

Whether you are just starting your coaching career or looking to refine your approach to training speed, this guide offers a blend of theory, practice, and real-world success stories. It addresses common misconceptions and provides clear, actionable advice to enhance your coaching effectiveness. With Brad Dixon's insights, elevate your coaching game and lead your team to victory.


Who is this guide for?

This guide is ideal for football coaches at all levels who wish to improve their coaching techniques, especially in the area of speed training.

What makes Brad Dixon's approach unique?

Brad Dixon focuses on the Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR) method, emphasizing neurological aspects over traditional muscular-focused training, which has proven to significantly enhance athletic performance.

How can I access the free content?

Selected segments of the guide are available for free access, providing valuable insights and introductory information on the coaching techniques discussed.

Is this guide applicable to coaches of other sports?

While specifically tailored for football coaches, the principles and techniques discussed can be applied to speed training in various sports.