Teaching Spread Passing Concepts in Pistol and Gun


Teaching Spread Passing Concepts in Pistol and Gun

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Unlock the Potential of Your Offense

  • Comprehensive Overview: From organizing pass concepts to dissecting the flood concept with film breakdown and analysis, this lesson covers all you need to elevate your passing game.
  • Advanced Techniques: Learn about sail and curl route breakdowns, and how to teach your QB to execute top down reads, full field reads, and create levels on offense for a more dynamic attack.
  • Strategic Concepts: Dive deep into 3x1 concepts and 2 over 2 concepts, unlocking the potential to outmaneuver defenses.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the insights of a former two-time Northwest Conference Offensive Player of the Year and Linfield’s Co-Offensive Coordinator with years of coaching experience.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage with Q&A sessions, and enjoy access to free content segments to enrich your learning experience.

Why Choose This Lesson?

  • Proven Success: Methods taught are backed by the successful career and coaching experience of a former top collegiate quarterback.
  • Enhance QB Performance: These concepts are designed to improve your quarterback's field reading capability, ensuring better decision-making and execution.
  • Offensive Innovation: Learn to implement modern offensive strategies that add depth and complexity to your passing game.
  • Interactive and Comprehensive: With film breakdowns, detailed analysis, and Q&A sessions, every aspect of the spread passing game is covered.


  • Is this lesson suitable for beginners? While some foundational knowledge of football offenses may be beneficial, this lesson is structured to be accessible for coaches and players at various levels of expertise.
  • How will this lesson help my team? Implementing these passing concepts can significantly enhance your team's offensive strategy, making your passing game more dynamic and unpredictable to defend against.
  • Can I access this lesson from anywhere? Yes, this lesson is designed for easy online access, allowing you to learn and review concepts from anywhere at any time.