TailBack Rocket Sweep out of Shotgun


TailBack Rocket Sweep out of Shotgun

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Why Choose the Tailback Rocket Sweep?

  • Speed: Implements the fastest gun run scheme in football, putting immense pressure on edge defenders.
  • Versatility: Can be executed to a trips set or a 2x2 spread side, making it adaptable to various game situations.
  • Strategic Edge: The motion setups for Down, Trap, Counter, and Play Action Passing keep defenses guessing.
  • Comprehensive Blocking Schemes: Includes Full Pull or Gut Mirrored Rocket blocking to secure the perimeter effectively.
  • Expert Guidance: Crafted by Blair Hubbard, a 3x State Champion and Hall of Fame coach with a rich history of success.

The Benefits of Incorporating the Tailback Rocket Sweep

  • Maximize Tailback Potential: Features your Tailback on the perimeter, utilizing their speed and agility for maximum impact.
  • Defensive Dilemma: Places tremendous strain on edge defenders, creating opportunities for big gains.
  • Offensive Versatility: The motion to Rocket Sweep sets up a variety of offensive maneuvers, enriching your playbook.
  • Proven Success: Developed from the expertise of one of Colorado's most successful coaches, ensuring effective strategies.

About the Creator, Blair Hubbard

With a coaching career spanning over 20 years, Blair Hubbard's innovative offensive system has led to multiple state championships and appearances, along with numerous awards including the 2017 NFHS Colorado Coach of the Year. His approach has been sought after and implemented by high school and collegiate teams nationwide.


  • Is the Tailback Rocket Sweep suitable for all team sizes?
    Yes, the scheme has been successfully implemented in programs of various sizes and classifications.
  • Can this scheme be integrated into any offensive system?
    While it is most effective in Gun based offenses, its principles can be adapted to enhance any offensive playbook.
  • How can I learn more about implementing this scheme?
    Blair Hubbard is available to travel and assist teams with the installation, bringing his expertise directly to your program.