Tackling & Defensive Fundamentals by John Loose


Tackling & Defensive Fundamentals by John Loose

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Transform Your Game with Proven Techniques

  • Comprehensive Training: A complete guide covering from basic to advanced defensive tactics, including defeating blocks, tackling techniques, and game film analysis.
  • Expert Instruction: Learn from John Loose, the esteemed assistant head coach and linebackers coach for Army Football.
  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday Bundle: Exclusive access to the 2022 DC School Bundle, offering exceptional value.
  • Real Game Application: Techniques are illustrated with actual game clips, demonstrating their effectiveness in live situations.
  • Free Bonus Content: Includes free introductory and specific technique lessons to get you started immediately.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage with various drills, including the Rugby Tackle, Gator Tackle, and the innovative Turnover Circuit.
  • Defense Against the Cut: Specialized training on defending against cut blocks, a valuable skill at any level of play.

Why Choose John Loose's Training?

With years of experience at the collegiate level, John Loose brings a wealth of knowledge and a track record of success. His methods are proven on the field, enhancing your defensive skills and football IQ. Whether you're a player aiming to elevate your game or a coach looking to enrich your team's defensive strategies, this bundle offers unrivaled insights and techniques that can be directly applied to real-game scenarios.


  • Who is this training suitable for? - Players at all levels seeking to improve their defensive game and coaches wanting to deepen their tactical knowledge.
  • How do I access the training? - Upon purchase, you'll receive access to the full bundle, including all game clips and instructional videos.
  • Is this training applicable to other positions outside linebackers? - Absolutely! The fundamentals of tackling and defense are critical for all defensive positions, making this training invaluable across the board.