Tackling and Turnover Circuits


Tackling and Turnover Circuits

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Unlock the Potential of Your Defense

Revolutionize your defensive strategy and outmaneuver your competition with "Tackling and Turnover Circuits." Developed by seasoned coach Grant Cain, this comprehensive coaching video series is your key to unlocking a more aggressive, effective, and turnover-focused defense. With a focus on the fundamentals of tackling and creating turnovers, these circuits are designed to enhance your team's defensive prowess on the football field.

Why "Tackling and Turnover Circuits" is a Game-Changer

  • Expert Insights: Benefit from the rich coaching experience of Grant Cain, who has successfully transformed defensive teams at both Mercer University and Coastal Carolina University into formidable units.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From the basics of tackling to advanced turnover creation techniques, this series covers everything your defense needs to know.
  • Position-Specific Drills: Tailor your training with drills designed specifically for different defensive positions, ensuring each player is optimizing their skillset.
  • Game-Like Scenarios: Prepare your defense for real-game situations with drills that mimic the pressures and challenges they will face on the field.
  • Improved Defensive Mentality: Foster a defensive mentality that prides itself on secure tackling and the relentless pursuit of turnovers.

Features of "Tackling and Turnover Circuits"

  • Fundamental to advanced tackling techniques
  • Four-cone tackling, open field angle tackle, sideline tackle, and more
  • Turnover circuit including strip, scoop drill, and tip drill 2.0
  • Exclusive game footage for real-life application examples
  • Comprehensive coaching philosophies and points for effective learning

Become the Defense Teams Fear

With "Tackling and Turnover Circuits," you're not just training your defense; you're equipping them to dominate. Incorporate these circuits into your game plan, and watch as your team becomes the defense that every opponent fears - a defense that not only stops offenses in their tracks but aggressively takes the ball back. Transform your defensive strategy today and secure your path to victory.


Who is this series for?

This video series is ideal for high school, college, and professional football coaches looking to enhance their defense's tackling ability and turnover creation.

Can individual players benefit from this series?

Yes, individual defensive players aiming to improve their skills in tackling and creating turnovers will find valuable insights and drills in this series.

How can I incorporate these circuits into our practice routine?

The series provides guidance on integrating these drills into your regular practice sessions, ensuring a seamless addition to your defensive strategy.