Stationary Ball Handling - Advanced


Stationary Ball Handling - Advanced

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Transform Your Game with Minimal Space

Are you looking to elevate your basketball handling skills but constrained by limited space? At Backyard Basketball Academy, we stand by the belief that progress in your game doesn't require fancy facilities or expansive courts. Our "Stationary Ball Handling - Advanced" course is meticulously designed for athletes like you, who aim to enhance their "handles" in the comfort of their home, driveway, or any small space available.

Why Choose Our Course?

Developed under the guidance of a USA Certified Gold Coach with a rich coaching background from Concordia College and Dana College, this course embodies expert techniques and drills. By dedicating just a few minutes a day, you will witness a significant improvement in your ball handling, boosting your confidence immensely on the court.

  • Efficient Training: Split into 2 comprehensive workouts, designed for optimal improvement in minimal time.
  • Flexible Schedule: Perform each workout twice a week, with each drill lasting only 1 minute, fitting easily into your busy lifestyle.
  • Proven Methodology: Developed by an elite college and high school basketball coach, ensuring professional and effective training techniques.
  • Immediate Results: See noticeable improvements in your ball handling skills in as little as 3 weeks.
  • No Special Equipment Needed: All you need is a basketball and a small space to start transforming your game today.


Do I need any special equipment?
No, all you need is a basketball and a small area to practice in - your home, driveway, or backyard will do perfectly.

Is this course suitable for beginners?
This course is designed for players with a basic understanding of ball handling who wish to advance their skills to a higher level.

How soon can I see improvements?
With dedication to the prescribed workouts, you can start noticing improvements in your ball handling skills within 3 weeks.

Take Your First Step Towards Basketball Excellence

Don't let limited space hinder your basketball aspirations. With the "Stationary Ball Handling - Advanced" course, you have the golden opportunity to work on your game under the tutelage of a certified expert. Seize this chance to become more comfortable and confident with your handles. Enroll today and start the journey towards dominating the court!