SSX 5: Speed & Conditioning


SSX 5: Speed & Conditioning

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What Makes SSX 5: Speed & Conditioning Stand Out?

  • Comprehensive 52-Week Program: Designed specifically for high school weight rooms, offering a structured day-by-day, week-by-week training regimen.
  • Expertly Crafted by Coach Stewart: Benefit from the experience of Coach Stewart, who has over 27 years of coaching experience, including significant success in turning around football programs.
  • Multi-Faceted Training Approach: Focuses on strength, core, power, explosion, speed, agility, conditioning, warm-up, flexibility, and nutrition.
  • Accessible and Easy to Implement: All workouts are accompanied by videos with PowerPoint explanations, making it easy to watch, learn, and print your workout.
  • Goal-Oriented and Vision-Driven: Helps coaches and athletes understand the "why" behind each exercise, ensuring clarity of goals and vision.

Benefits of Implementing SSX 5 in Your Training Program

  • Develop Championship Athletes: Empowers you with every drill and exercise needed to build athletes capable of winning championships.
  • Year-Round Planning: Offers detailed schedules for spring, summer, and a unique Total Team Thursdays concept, ensuring athletes are continuously improving.
  • Enhanced Athletic Performance: Improves running mechanics, agility, and cardiovascular strength in the weight room, leading to superior on-field performance.
  • Proven Success: Coach Stewart’s methods have been tested and proven across multiple schools, leading to playoff appearances and championship runs.
  • Empowers Coaches at Every Level: Whether you're a seasoned coach or just starting out, this course provides the tools you need to succeed.


  • Is SSX 5 suitable for all high school sports?
    Yes, while designed with football in mind, the principles of strength, speed, and conditioning apply across all high school sports.
  • Can the program be adapted for smaller schools with limited resources?
    Absolutely. Coach Stewart has successfully implemented his strategies in schools of various sizes, including those with limited resources.
  • How does the program ensure athletes stay engaged year-round?
    SSX 5 provides a structured yet flexible schedule, keeping athletes focused and improving through off-season, pre-season, and in-season phases.
  • Are there any prerequisites for starting the SSX 5 program?
    No specific prerequisites, but a basic understanding of weightroom safety and practices is beneficial.